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Shipping of the Summer Wine

by winedavid39

Summertime is a great season for everything except ice skating, building snowmen, and shipping wine. But not here at Wine.Woot. Once again, to keep your wine from boiling over on its way to you, we're implementing our tried and true summer shipping policy. UNlike in years past, we're offering a two-day shipping option for those of you who'd rather pay a little more to get your wine a little sooner. The deets:

  • $8 standard summer shipping per order: We're adding a few bucks on to the usual $5 shipping charge, and adding some time into the process. Shipping orders to most of the country in protective refrigerated trucks isn't easy or cheap, or fast for that matter, but it'll be worth it to keep your wine from turning into soup.
  • $10 "two-day" shipping per item: If your time is more valuable than your money, you can pay $10 per item for two-day shipping. By "two-day", we mean two days transit from when your order is shipped, which could generally take up to five days from when you place the order. For instance, we won't ship two-day orders on Thursdays or Fridays. Weekends sitting in a carrier warehouse is just no fun for a wine package. The gist of it is: you should get your "two-day" order within a week from when you place it.

We're confident these measures will win the battle against the forces of heat and spoilage. Order like it's October, y'all! Let us know if you have questions or comments in the forum discussion below.