Woot Cellars 2008 Adequate Gift 4 Pack + 4 Wine Bags

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Just Fine

Adequacy: Now, there’s something that’s easy to guarantee!

Adequate. Doesn’t fall short. Doesn’t excel. Just meets a set of standards. It’s pretty simple.

That’s why we feel pretty comfortable calling this an Adequate Gift because it does just that: meets all the basic criteria for a “gift.” It’s a thing – a bottle of wine, to be more specific (well, 4 bottles actually) – and you can put it inside another thing – one of Wine.Woot Gift Bags, for example – and you can hand that thing inside a thing to someone and say, “This thing’s a gift for you!” Bam! Done! No one could argue with that!

However, quality is in the eye of the beholder (or mouth of the imbiber, in this case), and one man’s “adequate” might be another man’s “awesome” and vice versa. If you need proof, just look at the yelp reviews of any non-LA taco truck; there will be one-hundred people saying, “It’s great! BEST TACOS EVER!” and then the guy who moved there from Southern California saying, “This place is okay, you know, for around here. I MEAN, IT TASTES WORSE THAN ROTTEN COCKROACHES AND REFRIED BILE WHEN COMPARED IT TO THE LOWLIEST, GRIMIEST TRASH HEAP OF A TACO STAND IN ALL OF SO-CAL, but for this part of the country (where I now live, AGAINST MY WILL), it’s pretty good.”

So, yeah, everything’s relative. The good news is, we’ve done our best to make sure this Adequate Gift is more awesome than adequate by enlisting the help of Three Wine Company. When we began the process, we told them we really wanted something that tasted like wrapping paper and generosity with a tinge of ribbon and disappointment, but winemaker Matt Cline said we probably wouldn’t sell many bottles that way. So we said, “Well, then, just go nuts, Matt. We’ll probably love whatever you come up with!” And we were right! Because this Contra Country Red – with its fleshy mouthfeel of the cherry and berry and subtle flavors of herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme – is absolutely delicious!

And you know what, if that’s just adequate, then, honestly, we’re a little scared of what might be considered “exceptional.”

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Woot Cellars Adequate Gift Wine

  • Composition: 56% Carignane, 28% Zinfandel, 10% Petite Sirah, 4% Mataro, 2% Alicante Bouschet
  • Alcohol: 14.9% by volume
  • Appellations: 85% Contra Costa County, 15% Lodi
  • Produced and Bottled by Three Wine Company-Sonoma, CA

This Contra Costa County Red will prove more than Adequate with its rich blend of flavors. The fleshy mouthfeel of the cherry and berry may be just the thing to make Uncle Petey forget you never visited him in the slammer. And, surely, Aunt Brenda's beau won't bring up that uppercut you clobbered him with at the family reunion when he gets a mouthful of the subtlety of herbs like sage, rosemary, and thyme.


Woot Cellars 2008 Adequate Gift
Wine.Woot Gift Bags

Winery Details

Three Wine Company

Matt Cline
Clarksburg, California
Three Wine Company  is owned and managed by winemaker Matt Cline and his wife Erin. Matt's winemaking career began in 1982 helping his brother at their Oakley winery where together they built Cline Cellars. Matt and  Erin launched three in December of 2006 with their award winning desert wine    - Late Harvest Riesling from the Russian River Valley. Their office is in Sonoma with its principal winemaking and tasting facility located along the Sacramento River in The Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg, California. Matt works with some of the oldest continually producing vineyards in the state implementing traditional viticulture techniques (hand pruning, no herbicides or inorganic fungicides, mechanical and hand cultivation, and hand harvesting) which would be considered sustainable in today’s vernacular. Along with the  brand, their three wines include Riesling, Albariño, Zinfandel, Mataro, Petite Sirah and other traditional California varietals. Three Wine Companies branded wine business is also augmented by a custom winemaking operation for domestic and international winery customers.
The dirt, the micro-climate, and sustainable wine-growing (from vineyard to bottle) form the cornerstones of three. These critical elements are in every bottle they make.

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Woot Cellars 2008 Adequate Gift 4 Pack + 4 Wine Bags
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