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This week, we’re offering exceptional wines and their culinary counterparts. Perfect pairings! It’s like Hall and Oates except you don't have to be embarrassed about enjoying THIS duo.

Hunt Country Late Harvest Vignoles + Le Caramel confections: Tasting Notes

-this sauternes-style dessert wine counterbalances and complements confections in the Le Caramel lineup

-bright sweetness of the Late Harvest Vignoles cooperates with the rich, saltiness of the Caramel Cream with Salted Butter and Sea Salt Caramels

-the fruity, sweet nuttiness of the Late Harvest Vignoles enhances the Chocolate Cream and Chocolate Caramels

-has 43 nodes and rich audio performance

-side effects include: swelling, dizziness and synesthesia

-still doing fake tasting notes

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Hunt Country Late Harvest Vignoles (6)
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