(No relation to Thatcher.)

Listen, if you wanna enjoy a glass of sparkling wine like the one included in this pack, you don’t have to wait for a wedding or NYE or Independence Day. (That’s good, because unless you have a Time Truck, this stuff won’t arrive to you in time for 7/4 anyhow.) There are plenty of reasons to crack open a bottle of bubbly. Behold:

- That panda at the zoo had a baby!

- I just took an excellent nap!

- There’s still a moon!

- The ointment is working!

- Free samples at the grocery store today!

- Someone left their change in the vending machine!

- I threw a sock ball into the hamper from, like, way across the room!

- The loneliness is agony!

- We’re not in Florida! (Not applicable in Florida)

- We’re slightly closer to the start of football season!

- I remembered to buy toothpaste!

- The day is over and we made it out alive!

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Iron Horse Red, White & Bubbly (3)

Iron Horse Red, White & Bubbly (3)
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