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In a smoke filled room, three Madison Avenue ad men sit at one end of an oak conference table.

At the other end, a businessman sits. An older gentleman, he wears a meticulously pressed gray suit. He sits hunched, scowling across the table behind his tented fingers. Next to him sits a younger man: a wide-eyed and nervous assistant, or possibly his son - the patiently waiting inheritor of his father's legacy.

Opposite them sits a tall, v-chested man with chiseled features. He is Dan Dapper, creative lead and star ad man at the Starling Copper agency. He runs a pinky along the hairline of his slicked back raven mane before taking a long, deliberate pull on his cigarette. He nonchalantly exhales out the corner of his mouth, then crushes the remains of the cigarette in an oversized art deco ashtray before him on the table.

The mid-day light of Manhattan in August trickles in through horizontal blinds, causing the dying cigarette smoke to leap, almost imperceptibly from point to ascending point, like rungs on a ladder.

Dan stands, buttoning the top button of his suit coat. He shrugs, palms up.

"You sell wine," he says dismissively. "Wine sells itself. Right?"

The business man's expression in unchanged.

"What you want to sell is a feeling. But Nackley Winery? What does that say?"

The younger businessman pipes up. "Nackley Winery has been our name for four generations! When my great-grandfather founded this compa–" He is silenced as the older businessman raises one hand.

Dan continues. "Naked Winery." Dan begins to casually pace around the room. "It's whimsical. It's freeing. It's ..." He hangs his head and chuckles. "Sexy."

A drip of sweat rolls down the younger businessman's brow as he turns to the older businessman with a look of fear and concern.

Dan lifts a bottle sitting in the center of the table.

"Your signature Muscat? Hookup." There is the sound of uncomfortable shifting in seats. "Because like those brief episodes of intimacy, it's sweet, it's intoxicating ..." He pauses, staring off for a moment as his expression slackens. He is thinking of something else. "And as soon as the bottle is empty, it's gone."

Regaining his composure, he turns back to his audience, raising the bottle and gesturing to it with confident composure.  "Gentlemen, I give you Naked Winery Hookup Muscat."

The younger businessman swallows hard. His older compatriot slowly lowers his hands, palms to the table. His eyes close, and he nods, a faint smile thinning his lips.

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Naked Winery "Hook Up" Muscat (4)

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Naked Winery "Hook Up" Muscat (4)
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