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The mighty hand of Peter Wellington has slapped down many who would steal the crown of grapes about his brow.

... That's why he knows and relishes the taste of victory. Today, he wants to share it with you.

If you've ever gotten the girl, or gotten the guy, or gotten a hermaphrodite, you remember that intense and complex aroma. If you've ever gotten a promotion, or gotten a raise, or gotten a negative test result, you remember that smooth and supple mouthfeel. Victory mixes the aromas of cherry, boysenberry, sandalwood and cedar with the glory of licorice, mocha, leather and celery seed. What could you pair it with? Perhaps the most victorious of all meats: steak.

Even if you've never done anything right (and we find that hard to believe, you cool person, you) this 2008 Wellington Victory Reserve will teach you what those people high at the top of the world already know: that victory is delicious. Oh, but hey, please remember that this particular victory is a red, so it's served at room temperature. Yeah, vengeance is the one best served cold. No, no, it's an easy mistake to make.

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Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)

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Peter Wellington Victory Reserve (2)
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