How can something be two letters away from "syrup" and yet so very different?

Oh sure, mention the name “Tallulah” and everyone assumes you’re talking Tallulah Bankhead, but-

Really? Don’t even know who she is? Are you serious? Oh, that’s a crying shame. It also kind of kills our premise so we're going to ignore the thing we just heard you say.

Anyhoo, EVERY PERSON assumes you’re talking about Tallulah Bankhead, famous actress, gadfly, and original “strong, determined woman.” And who could blame them? She’s got quite the legacy; she’s earned it. But in this case, they’d be wrong, because we are talking about the 2011 Tallulah Bald Mountain Vineyard Syrah 3-Pack here.

Sure, you can make comparisons. Both are big and powerful, Tallulah with her engaging personality and bravado. Both have more to them than you’d first suspect, the Syrah with its minutes-long finish and Tallulah with whatever was going on inside her head that led her down a rough path of drug addiction and (some would say) reckless promiscuity.

But this Tallulah ain’t that Tallulah, and we've said the name so much that we're starting to get some srs semantic satiation up in here, so raise a glass of Tallulah TO Tallulah!

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Tallulah Napa Valley Syrah (3)
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