Sometimes the beauty of the wine is so overwhelming, it's enough to drive one insane.

:::sniffle::: :::snort::: :::sniff sniff:::

Chad, are you OK?

:::sniff::: uh … yeah. Yeah, man. What's up?

Are you … are you CRYING?

What? Me? No! Of course not. I'm not :::sniffle::: :::snort::: OKAY, I AM! I can't help it!

Whoa, whoa. It's totally OK. What's wrong? Is there anything I can do?

What's wrong? WHAT'S WRONG?! THAT is what's wrong!

Uh … these wines over here? The Expression Pinot Noirs? What, are they… bad?

BAD? No no no. They're beautiful! The most beautiful thing I've ever tasted. Ripe and pure. All so full of cool climate character and yet each bottle is so unique. The flavor profiles, the balance ... it's just… perfection. AHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :::sniffle sniffle::: :::SNORT:::

Are you… are you laughing now? That kinda sounded like a laugh. A maniacal one. Dude, I'm really getting worried about you.

No, it's cool. I'm OK. Let me just gather my composure for a second here and… OK, there. I feel much better now. Thanks.

OK good. So I'm just going to take these bottles of…


Cool. Cool. So yeah. I'm gonna just back away slowly now.

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Expression Wines Pinot Noir (4)

Expression Wines Pinot Noir (4)
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