Today's Woot Write-up

A wine that naturally lends itself to poetry. And lamb shanks.

Hail Oberon!
Cab Sauvignon
Bursting upon
Us like the dawn

And like a swan
Near a salon
Cab Sauvignon
Will carry on

Serve on the lawn
Play Elton John
Find whereupon
Your sadness gone

Two Oberon
Cab Sauvignons
Like fine bullion
To a dragon

In short, be gone
You set-upons!
Run to Oman!
Exchange your yuan!

Cab Sauvignon
By Oberon
Enjoy and bond
We've made you yawn

Go raise your spawn
Maybe they’ll be blonde
The color on
Goldie Hawn

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Oberon Hillside Reserve Cab Sauvignon (2)

Oberon Hillside Reserve Cab Sauvignon (2)
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