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Times Are a-Changin'

Pluto may no longer be considered a planet, but this wine is still a wine.

Back when the 2006 Planet Pluto Meritage wine was harvested, the High School Musical soundtrack was the top selling album of the year, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 was the top grossing movie at the box office, American Idol held the top two spots for television ratings, and the launch of Woot Accessories & Watches was still seven years away.

But what sticks out to us when remembering 2006 was that Pluto was still a planet. Those were the days where it was still one of the big boys, the ninth planet from the sun. Back in the days when mnumonics like "My Very Energetic Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas" actually meant something.

But now all we can do is reminisce. We sit in our study, sipping on our wine, looking out the window into the starry night, staring at the dark sky, thinking about Pluto and how it went from having it all to being the dwarf planet that we hardly know.

Thankfully, we have this wine as a reminder of the times when Pluto got the respect it deserved. During the seven years since this wine was bottled, a lot has happened, but we're glad this wine hasn't changed, reminding us how things used to be, reminding us of the good old days where if you were a planet, you were a planet, and it was as simple as that.

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2006 Planet Pluto Meritage, California Red Wine 750ml 4-Pack

Planet Pluto Meritage boldly goes where no California wine has gone before.  The blend consists of fruit from a network of excellent growers from many regions in California, all of whom have worked with Planet Pluto for many years.  Following shows how they function seamlessly as a team to produce a wine of remarkable character and affordability.


Winery Retail Price: $80.00
Average Shipping:  $20.00
Woot Shipping:  (-$5.00)
Total MSRP:   $95.00


Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 68% Peterson Lodi – A rich, round, dark base wine with fine tannins, Peterson is also 91% of the WineSmith Cab
  • 4% Tulucay Creek Napa – This $100 Crucible Cab juice contributes immense structure even in this small quantity
  • 2% Mangels Suisun Valley – Gives seductive aromas of red currants and chocolate fudge and more of those elegant, feminine tannins

Cabernet Franc

  • 11% Kautz Lodi – Gives profound basil, elderberry and tobacco nuances as well as an energetic mouth-feel


  • 15% Passalacqua Alexander Valley -- This dense, supple Merlot has rich, round body and deep black cherry and Darjeeling tea aromas

These elements were given 30 months in old French oak to create mature Bordeaux style red which speaks of the many aspects of California regional characteristics. Planet Pluto? The approach may sound pretty spacey, but the results are out of this world. For more, visit

Winery Details


Clark Smith
Placerville, CA
Welcome to WineSmith. We Smiths offer you skillfully crafted wines which explore traditions outside the mainstream.  We refer to our winemaking philosophy as Practicing GrapeCraft. Our family business, Vinovation, is a school of winemaking cuisine. We are part of a worldwide team of winemakers and vineyard enologists dedicated to spreading innovative winemaking techniques in California and throughout the world.
Wine is something ancient and venerated, recognized as sacred since Roman times. But 20th Century ideas have driven the soul from wine and rendered it a bland commodity. Now we're getting back to what the ancients knew: that living soil matters, that wine integrates its flavors through refined structure, that when it possesses a soul, wine is (as Ben Franklin observed) "proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
GrapeCraft seeks tools that respect the soul of wine. We believe that wine is imbued with visceral power through structural refinement. WineSmith wines strive to speak with a focused voice, to deliver a visceral experience. Our goal is "an opera in the bottle."
WineSmith is where we showcase our best successes. We make almost no wine: always less than 1,000 cases per year.  Tasting is believing. WineSmith wines always harken to European style goals: plush, velvety structure, aromatic integration, mineral depth. When your guests taste WineSmith, the first sip should carry them away, like pressing the DOWN button on the elevator.
Many California wineries try to "knock your socks off" with wine styles which eschew grace in favor of impact. Not us. After the first taste, you'll probably remain fully clothed. But prepare yourself to be sorry when it's all gone.

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