Vivaz Spanish Tempranillo/Grenache Mixed 6-Pack

Sold by: Bodegas Rasgon

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2012 Vivaz Tempranillo 750ml 3-Pack

Dark red in color, this wine has aromas of red and blue fruits, with a touch of cherry.  It is an easy to drink and easy to please wine. Flavors of bittersweet chocolate and a bit of the rustic Spanish land make this wine perfect with any Mediterranean foods.

Tempranillo is the famous Spanish grape. The name derives from "early harvesting".

2012 Vivaz Garnacha (Grenache) 750ml 3-Pack

This wine is young and fresh, with a bright red color and notes of crushed berries and earth. The flavor is fruity with balanced acid, light and refreshing. It is a great wine to pair with tapas, cheese and meats.

Grenache is widely planted in many parts of the world, and finds its highest expression in Southern France and Spain.


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2012 Vivaz Tempranillo 750ml 3-Pack

  • Alcohol: 12%

2012 Vivaz Garnacha (Grenache) 750ml 3-Pack

  • Alcohol: 12%

Winery Details

Bodegas Rasgon

Ciudad Real, Spain

The high plain of Castilla-La Mancha is a very special territory which is characterized by extreme continental climate changes with cold winters, hot summers and little rain. The vine roots penetrate deep into the mineral soil, producing very special quality vines. The incessant wind in the region quickly dries the vines and keeps them healthy.

Bodegas Rasgón, which is domiciled in this region, uses state-of-the-art viniculture technology and the very latest oenological findings to transform these excellent quality grapes into harmonious, fruity wines. The range of their flavors and color intensity guarantee an extraordinary, full-bodied and carefree wine which is a pleasure to experience.

Spain enjoys a long tradition as a wine-producing country. Airén, Garnacha and Tempranillo are the main grape varieties that are cultivated in the world¹s largest wine-growing area, which measures 1.2 million hectares.

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Vivaz Spanish Tempranillo/Grenache (6)
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