Valpolicella DOC 2008 Superiore Ripasso, Italy 3-Pack

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Sweet Nothings

That's not amore. That's just a deceptively seductive accent.

"Sorry I'm late. Traffic was a …"


"Why are we whispering?"

"I'm listening to the sommelier at the table behind me."

"What's he saying?"

"I have no idea."

"You can't hear him?"

"I can hear him just fine. I just don't understand a word he is saying."

"Then why are you… "

… Domenico Fraccaroli Valpolicella Ripasso …

"Ah. I see. He's describing the wine to them in Italian."

"Is that what's he's doing? I thought he was trying to seduce me."

"Ha! No, he's explaining that the color is a bright red, and that there are intense ripe cherry and blackberry flavors with hints of chocolate and vanilla."

"No, you're wrong. He's saying, 'Lisa. You are a goddess. Please run away with me.'"

"I hate to break it to you, sister. But he's talking about how well the medium-bodied wine pairs with pasta dishes and red meat."

"He sounds so sexy. I bet he looks like one of those guys on the cover of a romance novel."

"Actually, he looks a lot like Woody Allen. Seriously, turn around and look."

"You know what? I don't even care. Let's wave him over and order a bottle. I'll just keep my eyes closed."

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2008 Domenico Fraccaroli Valpolicella Ripasso 750ml 3-Pack

The color is bright red. The aroma is intense ripe cherry and blackberry with a hint of chocolate and vanilla. The taste is pleasant, with a hint of juicy cherry and fine tannins to a long finish.  This medium-bodied wine pairs well with pasta dishes,stews, red meats and cheeses.

Vintner Voicemail
Ryan Zeman from Martellotto Wines provides a detailed description of this historic winery in Italy, and the third generation family members that are behind Domenico Fraccaroli and this beautiful Ripasso


  • Grape varieties:
    - Valpolicella (Corvina 50%, Corvinone 40%, 5% Rondinella)
    - 5% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Alcohol:  14%

Harvested at peak ripeness, the grapes are crushed and cold soaked for 5 days with native yeasts leading to spontaneous fermentation. After racking, the wine is stored in stainless steel tanks. In early January, the wine is blended with the pomace of Amarone from the same vintage for a week. This is when "ripasso" occurs which confers on the wine a depth of flavor, notes of dried fruit and potentially raises the alcohol. After a light filtering, the wine is aged in Slavonian oak (80%) and French oak (20%) barrels.

Winery Details

Domenico Fraccaroli

The Fraccaroli Family
Verona, Italy
In 1958 Domenico Fraccaroli began his work in "a small corner of paradise" of Friuli Venezia producing aromatic white wines, such as Friuli, and more structured red wines such as Refosco.
In 2002, son Tiziano Fraccaroli decided to expand the "range of Taste" with the production of fine wines such as Amarone, Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso and Recioto (earning numerous awards and certificates of quality) and extra virgin olive oil.
Today children Domenico, Lucca and Maria are helping to bring the brand Domenico Fraccaroli to the future with great commitment and passion, strong cultural heritage and the work of his father and grandfather Tiziano and Domenico.
Domenico Fraccaroli products are synonymous with quality and authenticity and reflect what are the characteristics of the company: passion, sophistication, elegance and respect for tradition.



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