Uvaggio Il Ponte Vin Santo Dessert Wine 500ml 3-Pack

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Il Ponte Vin Santo Dessert Wine 500ml 3-Pack
Uvaggio was always captivated by the unique style of Tuscan dessert wine, so they created Il Ponte Vin Santo.  It is a blend (‘uvaggio’) of wines made from grapes harvested in very late autumn.  Just over 50% of this bottling comes from 1990; with ~10% from 1991, ~10% 1992 and ~30% from 1994, all from a small block of Trebbiano grapes grown in a vineyard that had been located in the Oakville region of Napa Valley.  It possesses a richness which is derived from ripe fruit allowed to dry on the vine and develop a very high level of natural sugar, in combination with a broad texture and softness from extremely long aging. 
Color: mellow amber hue
Aroma: coffee, toffee, vanilla & hazelnut
Flavors: cream, toasted almond & mocha



  • Alcohol: 16.2 %
  • pH: 3.68
  • T.A.: 6.9 g/l
  • R.S.: 57 g/l

This wine was neither fined nor filtered; the only clarification was through natural settling and periodic racking.  After Uvaggio felt it had achieved sufficient clarity and complexity, it was bottled in August, 2002.  Though mature, it still has fruit and is quite vinous, yet it also has a liqueur-like concentration that can only be achieved by patient aging.The sweet must was fermented in ~50% new French oak barrels, with the balance in older neutral barrels.  It was aged on its lees for several years until it was racked and blended, then it continued aging in 100% neutral barrels.

Winery Details


Jim Moore
Lodi, CA
Uvaggio is the result of two guys who represent a triple threat: too much experience, a low threshold for boredom and a desire to do something unique, which is why we make wines in California with grape varieties indigenous to Italy.  In the past we have made Arneis, Nebbiolo, Sangiovese, even a Vin Santo.  Our current portfolio includes Barbera, Moscato, Primitivo and Vermentino.  Our theory is simple: if California has a climate perfect for growing Mediterranean varietals, why not take advantage of it?
Based on our theory - if we grow the right grape in the right place, we can manage to get by with our respective degrees in psychology and geography.  (If one of us gets lost then other can figure out why.)  However, when you grow grapes in the wrong place, you probably need a Master's Degree from UC Davis to make the wine taste good (if you are lucky).  We think we have found the right places in Lodi for growing our grapes and urge you to discover this for yourself and try our wines.
Simply put - we are passionate about wine and we craft ours for people who want to experience something different than your typical California product.  While our experience is well steeped in California's traditions, our product is contemporary.  We produce these wines somewhat anonymously, relatively inexpensively and eschew the corporate, cookie cutter approach. 

Our wines are for people who appreciate expressive flavors delivered with a classic style.  You will not read anything about “the right wine is the wine you like” or “find the wine you like and stick with it.”  You will not find wines from Uvaggio with 16% alcohol and residual sugar (unless, of course, it is intentional) in our portfolio. Our whites are fresh, crisp, dry and rarely exceed 12.5% alcohol.  Our barrel-aged reds are rarely over 14.5% alcohol.

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