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Lucky Numbers

Aw, c'mon, Wine.Woot, you're gonna make me do math now?

5 2011 Viogniers plus 1 2012 Picpoul equals x hours of drinking pleasure. Believe us, that's one equation you'll have a great time solving.

Aught-eleven wasn't the easiest year for growing Viognier in Calaveras County, but what the soil did yield was superlative, as captured in this Twisted Oak number. Lychee, almond blossom, citrus, and (yes) apricot wrestle for dominance on your nose and palate until a crisp acidity wades into the fray to break it up.

The following year's Twisted Oak Picpoul brings a - what? You've never heard of Picpoul? Then you'll have some excellent fodder for one-upping your wine pals when you get to know this lemongrass-and-jasmine-and-honeydew-splashed stunner. Just don't go too far and refuse to tell them where you got it, OK?

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2011 Viognier, Calaveras County 750ml 5-Pack

“It’s like going into a department store, and before you can say ‘Stop!’ some perky thing in a floral print blasts you with the latest from Yves St. Ralph!” Not this Viognier! Sure, you will detect hints of apricot, but lychee and almond blossom take center stage upstairs in the Aroma Dept. Meanwhile, in the Flavor Dept. (1st floor, just past Lingerie), you’ll taste peaches along with citrus and pineapple flavors, finishing up with racy acidity. Perfect for your holiday, or everyday shopping experience!

Production Notes:
For 2011 Twisted Oak sourced grapes from two established vineyards in Calaveras County. Each has its own personality, and both are tucked way back in those darned hills. The Viognier from Dalton Vineyard tends to lend good balance and distinctive stonefruit characters to a blend. The Dalton Viognier was whole cluster pressed, cold settled and most of it racked to barrels for fermentation. Lees were stirred as fermentation came to an end. Part of the lot was split to ferment in stainless steel to retain the stonefruit characters.
The second Vineyard source hails from the historic Shaw Ranch, in the deep canyon north of Murphys. Cooler nights here bring crisp textures and tropical fruits to the blend. Grapes were pressed and fermented cold on a yeast indigenous to the Rhone Valley.

Together, these vineyards truly struggled in 2011 to give very light yields but top quality, balance and concentration. A late and uncommonly cool summer delayed maturity during the summer months but an almost perfect ‘Indian Summer’ gave us just what the grapes needed to get ripe.

2012 Picpoul, Calaveras County 750ml 1-Pack

Peter Piper picked a pack of Picpoul? He would if he tasted it. Picpoul may not be something you've heard of, but if you like dry, crisp, acidic ("Picpoul" literally means "lip stinger") wines - this is for you!

Tasting Notes:
Peter Piper would perfectly pick a pack of this Picpoul. And a woodchuck wouldn’t chuck these aromas of jasmine, lemongrass, and spice. And when she isn’t selling seashells by the seashore, she’s savoring flavors of Meyer Lemon, white peach, and honeydew that’ll twist your tongue for sure!

Vintner Voicemail
“El Jefe” from Twisted Oak introduces the whites in today's offer and advises the Wooters to be on the lookout for a video he'll be posting on the boards.


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2011 Viognier, Calaveras County 750ml 5-Pack

Food Pairing Notes:
He said creamy! Soft creamy cheeses, BBQ’d Chicken, Spanish or Asian dishes. Or how about...

Grilled Prawns: Sauté garlic, salt, finely chopped mango and Pineapple, add Viognier and just enough coconut milk to make it a little sticky when the wine reduces. Add wasabi and minced ginger to taste. Marinate prawns in their broken shells 2 hrs and grill over plain charcoal.

  • Production: 560 cases
  • Varietals & Vineyards: 39% Viognier from Shaw Ranch Vineyard, 50% Viognier from Dalton Vineyard, 11% Picpoul from Shaw Ranch Vineyard Oak Program:
  • 36% barrel fermentation in 1-3 year French and American Oak
  • 64% stainless steel
  • RS: 0.01%
  • TA: 0.58
  • pH: 3.67
  • Alcohol: 14.7%
  • Brix at Harvest: 24.6
  • Age before bottling: 5 months

2012 Picpoul, Calaveras County 750ml 1-Pack

Vineyard Notes:
100% Picpoul from Dragone Vineyard

Food Pairing Notes:
Fish Heads…. Roly Poly Fish Heads. Or, for the less demented, try with lighter fishes, like sole, or jon dory.

  • Appellation: Calaveras County
  • Barrel Aging: 4 months in 100% all American stainless steel!
  • Alcohol: 13.6%

Winery Details

Twisted Oak Winery

Jeff and Mary Stai
Murphys, CA

We’re often asked what the background of Twisted Oak is, to which we invariably reply, “The Sierra Nevada, of course!” If we are pressed further, we are forced to admit that Twisted Oak Winery is the culmination of a delusion, er, vision by Jeff and Mary Stai. The vision was of a terroir based winery making superior, hand crafted, yummy wines, and then having more Twisted fun than anyone in the industry selling them.

Jeff and Mary found 120 acres just outside Murphys in the Sierra Foothills at nearly 2000 feet elevation. It is there that they planted 10 acres of vineyards in Tempranillo, Grenache, Graciano, and Garnacha to take advantage of the continental Mediterranean soil types and climate. It is on top of this property, with an amazing view of the Sierras, where the state-of-the-art, no-pumpover, four-level gravity flow winery was built. When completed in 2004 it included open tank, stainless steel fermenters along with our own 300-foot barrel cave. This is all under the watchful eye of a 350 year old California Blue Oak tree that not only is our namesake, but also adorns every Twisted Oak bottle.

Jeff and Mary work closely with winemaker Scott Klann in crafting the Twisted Oak wines. Scott has been in the wine making business over 15 years. Scott’s knowledge of what works best is unmatched in the area (it doesn’t hurt that he was raised in Murphys.) Scott’s experience and personal relationships with the growers in Calaveras County allows Twisted Oak Winery to purchase the best fruit from these outstanding vineyards to complement our estate grape programs. Whatever the formula Jeff, Mary and Scott, have devised for Twisted Oak, it has been validated by the hundreds of consumers that buy us out of wine each and every year. Twisted Oak Winery has also received accolades by publications and competitions which have graced us with many scores of 90 or above. We think the Wine Enthusiast put it best “The gang at Twisted Oak Winery are taking winemaking in this area to the next level…” Cheers! And always, keep it Twisted! Twisted Oak Winery! 

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Twisted Oak 5-plus-1
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