Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack

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Oh Yum

Oh, no, that's not the sound of a car screeching to a stop. I just make that noise whenever I see the words "duck fat" on my screen.

Let's make this easy: if you know what this is, stop reading the write-up and buy some. If you don't know what this is, well, okay, you're welcome to come inside and learn more but... well, in a situation like this, every second counts.

It's pretty amazing that if we use the word "crap" everyone on the Internet races to our front door, but if we put "Truffle Butter and Duck Fat" in big black letters, we always get some yokels saying YA'LL AIN'T NOTHIN' WHARS MAH CRAP. So listen up, Cletus. Because if you've got even a single functioning taste bud, this Truffle Butter and Duck Fat combo is going to make you happy you're here, and happy you're alive.

First, we're gonna ask you a question: ever had black truffle butter on a steak? No? Well, that makes sense, doesn't it? Because if you HAD, you wouldn't be reading this write-up, you'd be busy inventing fake personas so you could buy five times as many orders as normal. We're not kidding you, people. This is hardcore foodie paradise.

And what about the white truffle butter? Melt that into your fresh-from-the-pot pasta and let it drizzle through the noodles. Take a bite. Weep tears of sadness for the person that you were, and that you'll never again be able to experience white truffle butter for the first time.

Last, but not even close to least? The duck fat. Oh, MAMA, was this stuff made for potatoes. But it's not limited, no, no, no. Mushrooms, vegetables, some delicious deep fried delicacies, and we've never tried it, but surely the words "bacon deep fried in duck fat" stirs something inside you. Make that work and you'll have the entire Internet whispering your name in awe. That's not a challenge. That's a PROMISE.

So, yeah. If you didn't know, you know now. And we appreciate the compliment but WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS??? Hit that button, get your Truffle Butter and Duck Fat, STOP MISSING OUT ON THIS LIFE-CHANGING MOMENT AND BUY YOUR FREAKIN' FOOD! GO, GO, GO!

And next time everyone's going crazy about crap, just roll your eyes.

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Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.

With hints of chocolate, this earthy black truffle butter delivers its most volatile notes when slipped into hot foods at the last moment. Its all-time best use (for carnivores) is on steak. Drop a dollop on steak as it’s pulled off the fire, wrap in foil for 10 minutes, and enjoy. The Black Truffle Butter can be lavished over the skin of roasted chicken or turkey (as featured in Gourmet Magazine in their Thanksgiving 2008 edition). Layer it with potatoes, whip into potato, yam, or cauliflower puree. Top a creamy soup with a pat, stir it into a pan juices for a heady sauce, and melt on scrambled eggs and omelets.

  • 2008 GOLD sofi Award Winner for Outstanding New Product


White Truffle Butter 8 oz.

White truffle butter stands alone; it does not need a sauce to release its garlicky, pungent powerhouse. It is best tossed with still-dripping hot pasta or just-finished risotto. White Truffle Butter transforms plain fish, and pushes veggies like asparagus, green beans, and artichokes front and center on the table. Ingredients include fresh-churned Wisconsin butter and high quality truffles. No soy sauce is used, a plus for those concerned by allergies. Truffle pieces are in plain view so you can see what you are getting.


Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.

Sofi Award Winning Aux Délices des Bois Natural Duck Fat performs under higher heat than all other fats, giving a glossy, crisp sheen to potatoes, vegetables, and mushrooms.  It’s got a great anti-cholesterol profile (lower % of monounsaturated fats), is versatile (sauté, fry, bake), and has a long shelf life.  

Richly flavored, Natural Duck Fat gives food deep golden color.  Add a healthy gloss and crispy texture to sautéed potatoes, roasted mushrooms, veggies, and beans.  High smoking point makes it ideal for high-heat cooking and deep frying.  Substitute for other fats such as butter, vegetable or nut oils, lard.  Higher percentage of mono-unsaturated fat than olive oil.  Soup base, chicken rub, even breakfast toast.  Lighten up pastry dough; use instead of lard or butter for airy, light results.  Use as solid for baking, liquid to swab the grill, make vinaigrette, marinate.  Recycle – strain after use and store for next time.



Nutritional Facts Truffle Butter
Serving Size: 1/2 oz.
Calories: 90
Calories from Fat: 90
Total Fat: 10g ~ 16% Daily Value
Saturated Fat: 6g ~ 31% Daily Value
Cholesterol: 25mg ~ 9% Daily Value
Sodium: 80mg ~ 3% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate: 0g
Protein: 0g
Vitamin A: 6% Daily Value

Not significant source for Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron

In the Box:

(1) Aux Délices des Bois Truffle Butter and Duck Fat 3-Pack includes:

  • Black Truffle Butter 8 oz.
  • White Truffle Butter 8 oz.
  • Natural Duck Fat 7 oz.

Winery Details


Thierry Farges and François Baumont
New York, NY
Transatlantic Foods Inc (TFI) is a New York-based company which develops, manufactures, and sells innovative specialty foods.  Locally sourced, natural, and artisanal products are prepared à la française, under both Aux Délices des Bois and private label brands.  While TFI’s focus remains on new items, it continues its 23-year-old trade in wild mushroom and truffle products.  TFI was founded by two “old hands” in the business, with a combined experience of over 50 years in the Fancy Food Trade.


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