The Crusher Big Orange White Wine Blend 4-Pack

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It's No Accident

Reads like a cook book with the pages stuck together. Drinks like Heaven in a bottle.

You think PB&J was premeditated? Or that mint chocolate chip was some master plan? No way. I'd be willing to bet they were total accidents. Fantastically delicious accidents. One day some dude's eating a peanut when a grape suddenly falls into his mouth and BLAMMO! Instant classic.

You might think the same thing when you read about The Crusher Big Orange White Wine Blend. Caramelized orange peel. Mmm hmm. Butterscotch. Alright, I feel ya. Dried apricot. Naturally. Banana cream pie. HOLD THE PHONE. What? Oh yeah, and there's some cedar wood in there too. Of course there is. What late-night dorm room shenanigans led to this concoction?

But you see, this wine was no accident. It was expertly crafted by fermenting the juice of the Chardonnay and Viognier grapes… get this… with their skins ON. I KNOW! Genius! The result is soft, chalky tannins and a rich mouth feel. Something like that doesn't just happen. It's, well, I won't go so far as to say it's a holy miracle. But if you wanted to, I don't think anyone's gonna argue.

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2011 The Crusher Big Orange White Wine Blend, Wilson Vineyard, Clarksburg 750ml 4-Pack

Warm rich aromas of caramelized orange peel, butterscotch, toasted oak, banana cream pie and dried apricot entice the senses. Smooth and succulent flavors of orange marmalade, anise and cedar wood take hold of this wine while toasted almond nuances linger through the finish.
This unique Orange wine was crafted by fermenting the juice of Chardonnay and Viognier grapes with their grape skins and seeds; much like how red wines are made. Fermenting “on the skins” and oak aging assisted in creating this hearty highly-structured wine. Soft chalky tannins and rich mouth- filling structure on the mid-palate make this wine simply delicious.
This Orange wine can be enjoyed with a wide range of foods, including those dishes that one would usually pair with red wine. This wine pairs well with spicy crab cakes and a lemon aioli sauce or as well with grilled lamb chops and a baby arugula salad with grilled peaches.


Vintner Voicemail
Mark with Don & Sons launches the 2011 vintage of a Woot favorite - The Crusher Orange wine is back with limited quantities.


Winery Retail Price: $80.00
Average Shipping:  $20.00
Average Tax:   $4.41
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Total MSRP:   $99.41


  • Varietal: White Wine Blend, 55% Chardonnay, 45% Viognier
  • Appellation: Wilson Vineyards, Clarksburg
  • Winemaker: Gloria Mercado Martin
  • Alcohol: 13.6%
  • pH: 3.76
  • TA: 6.2 g/L

The Wilson Family has been farming the fertile land in Clarksburg for over three generations. As a family, the Wilsons are committed to each other. As growers, they are committed to producing the highest quality fruit for all varietals because they know that premium wine fruit is essential to great wines. From the vineyard to the crusher to your table, The Crusher captures the freshness of this world-class growing region, which is just beginning to emerge on the wine scene.


Winery Details

Don Sebastiani & Sons

Don, Donny, & August Sebastiani
Sonoma, CA
The Don & Sons Winemaking Process
At Don Sebastiani & Sons, we strive to produce quality wine at an approachable price, regardless of the outcome of a particular growing season. Our winemaker Greg Kitchens works to create great wines that our customers identify as a reliable purchase. Kitchens has developed a distinctive character for each one of our brands. Each wine's individual profile evolves with changes in established vineyard relationships, available fruit and flavor trends in the industry. Our winemaking approach at Don Sebastiani & Sons is to consistently create noteworthy wines in a style which is recognizably our own.



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The Crusher Big Orange White Blend
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