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Orange You Glad We Didn't Call It "Banana Wine"?

DONT BE FOOLED! It's made from GRAPES!

Consumers!!! Do NOT buy the so-called "The Crusher Orange wines" on Wine.Woot dot com expecting ANY actual ORANGES in the ingredients! These wines are made ENTIRELY from Chardonnay and Viognier GRAPES NOT oranges! Warn your friends on social media networks and elsewhere!

By leaving the SKINS on certain grapes as they ferment, the winemakers (or wineSCAMMERS) are able to achieve a convincing "ORANGE" hue. Without a SINGLE orange! Furthermore seductive aromas AND flavors from crème brûlēe to buttered popcorn to HONEYCRISP APPLE may appear to be present without involvement of any of those FOODS either! WHERE's the BEEF, winery?

SHAME on you Wine.Woot dot com for perpetrating this delicious ORANGE hoax on the American people of the Internet! And shame on ME for continuing to DRINK and enjoy it! PLEASE SHARE!!!

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The Crusher wines represent the union of two well-regarded historic families in the wine industry – the Sebastianis and the Wilsons.  For more than 115 years the Sebastiani name has been synonymous with quality winemaking.  Likewise, the Wilson family has been growing grapes in the Clarksburg region, located 15 miles south of Sacramento, since 1922. The Crusher is fittingly named for the point where the fruit of one family’s labors literally gives way to those of the other.  The Crusher stands as a tribute to the long partnership that these two well-respected families have long enjoyed.

2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay & Viognier Blend 750ml

Succulent aromas of apricot jam, orange marmalade, sandalwood, cedar and eucalyptus.  A smooth creamy mouthfeel with flavors of honeydew melon and shortbread.  A well-integrated wine with good structure and soft round tannins.

2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay 750ml
Aromas of crème brûlēe, buttered popcorn, fresh bread, banana peel, Honeycrisp apple and sandalwood complemented by flavors of toasted marshmallow and papaya.  A medium-bodied wine with weight, structure and a robust dry finish.
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Viognier 750ml
Classic bright floral aromas and scents of apricot, smoky oak, jam and toasted coconut complemented by flavors of guava, papaya, plantain, and roasted nuts on the lingering finish.  Medium-bodied with a delicious mouth-coating texture.
Vintner Voicemail
Mark from Don Sebastiani & Sons – back with the much anticipated 2012 Crusher!


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The Crusher wines are from the Clarksburg AVA located approximately 15 miles south of Sacramento.  This unique growing region is influenced by a marine climate of warm days and cool nights; cooled by the same breezes off the San Francisco Bay as the Carneros region of Napa and Sonoma.  The rich clay and loam soils are fed by the runoff from the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains, ensuring healthy, vibrant fruit.

The Crusher Big Orange is a tribute to one of the oldest styles of wines produced thousands of years ago where white grapes were left in contact with the grape skins during fermentation producing a dark orange color and deep flavors.

The 2012 Vintage of The Crusher Big Orange Program is unique.  Winemaker Gloria Mercado-Martin crafted three expressions of Big Orange – a 100% Chardonnay Orange wine, a 100% Viognier Orange wine and a 50% Chardonnay and 50% Viognier Orange wine blend.

All of these three wines were fermented on the skins and aged in a combination of new and neutral French and American oak barrels for approximately 6 months.  This combination of barrels resulted in a unique orange color spectrum across the three wines.

2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay & Viognier Blend 750ml

  • Varietal Blend: 50% Chardonnay, 50% Viognier
  • Appellation: 100% Clarksburg
  • pH: 3.69
  • TA: 6.0 g/L
  • Alcohol:  14.0%
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Chardonnay 750ml
  • Varietal Blend: 100% Chardonnay
  • Appellation: 100% Clarksburg
  • pH: 3.80
  • TA: 6.2 g/L
  • Alcohol: 14.0%
2012 The Crusher Big Orange Viognier 750ml
  • Varietal Blend: 100% Viognier
  • Appellation: 100% Clarksburg
  • pH: 3.71
  • TA: 5.2 g/L
  • Alcohol: 14.5%

Winery Details

Don Sebastiani & Sons

Don, Donny, & August Sebastiani
Sonoma, CA
The Don & Sons Winemaking Process
At Don Sebastiani & Sons, we strive to produce quality wine at an approachable price, regardless of the outcome of a particular growing season. Our winemaker Greg Kitchens works to create great wines that our customers identify as a reliable purchase. Kitchens has developed a distinctive character for each one of our brands. Each wine's individual profile evolves with changes in established vineyard relationships, available fruit and flavor trends in the industry. Our winemaking approach at Don Sebastiani & Sons is to consistently create noteworthy wines in a style which is recognizably our own.

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