Tasi 2009 California Merlot Case

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Keeps On Giving

If it wasn't for potluck, I'd have no luck at all.

So you say you can't cook but you still want to get in on all the free grub your friends are bringing to their fancy dinner party? No problem.

After all, being a horrible cook is nothing to be ashamed of. Reheating soup, boiling noodles, pouring milk on cereal? That's the kind of stuff that's best left to the David Changs and Swedish Chefs of the world.

But you can't just invite yourself over to your friend's house for dinner with only a store-bought loaf of bread and not expect to make a few folks frustrated when you dive in for thirds on the Beef Wellington. And don't even think you can help yourself to the dessert trifle after bringing in a bag of salad.

So what's a catastrophic cook like you to do? Simple! The next time someone mentions it, just say "A dinner party? Sounds great! I'll bring the wine." But don't put more emphasis on that last part. I just did that to point out the important bit. Saying it all bold and stuff might get you uninvited real quick.

See, wine is something everyone likes to have on hand when they're entertaining company. By offering to bring a bottle of, say, 2009 Tasi California Merlot from this Tasi Merlot Case we're conveniently selling today, you're letting the host know that you're not just in it for the au gratin potatoes. You're sharing its supple plum and black cherry flavors for comradery, good times, AND au gratin potatoes. Plus, with twelve bottles at your disposal, you're guaranteed a nice home-cooked meal every once in a while to help supplement your awful diet of fast food and microwave burritos.

The last thing any of your friends wants to find out is how you died in a fire trying to make toast to bring to their little get-together. Make it easy on yourself, bring some wine, and offer to take home any leftovers that might be available, and you'll be well-fed for days to come.

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2009 Tasi California Merlot 750ml 12-Pack

Tasi means  “By the Sea” and these grapes are sourced from cool coastal climates. The soft breeze from the ocean yield red wines that are softer with less tannin. TASI Merlot is nice and supple in texture. The wine has both red and dark fruits with some smokiness, black cherry, candied apple and cherry.  This medium tannin wine is Pinot Noir like with a hint of Rutherford dust.  A pretty little wine. This wine is a great match with meat and poultry dishes as well as enjoying by itself. Drinking window is now and for another three to four years.  This is a good wine by good winemaker, which makes this discontinued label a good opportunity.


  • Alcohol:  13.5%
  • pH: 3.59
  • 9ppm free SO2
  • VA: .03
  • Malo-Lactic complete


Winery Details

Tasi Winery

Bob Broman
Tasi means  “By the Sea” The grapes are sourced from cool coastal climates. The soft breeze from the ocean allows the Chardonnay to have more fruit forward flavor. This is due to the longer growing season the Coastal climate allows. The grapes have a higher residual sugar level. The red wines are softer with less tannin. Tasi wines are perfect with food as well as enjoying without.
The winemaker for Tasi is a respected veteran with wines from significant Napa properties on his resume.  Our winemaker has made wines for Stags Leap, St Supery, and Guenoc to name a few.


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Tasi Merlot Case (12)
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