Summerland Santa Rita Hills Vineyard Designate Pinot Noir 3-Pack

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The New Kid

When it comes to Pinots, this one has the goods! And by goods, we mean there isn't enough room to explain all the flavors in such a limited amount of spa

Hey, I been working this wine gym thirty years, mac. I seen 'em all. I can tell ya who's gonna be one of the greats the second they walk through that door. And I'll say it today: that kid they called Pinot? He could'a been a world champ.

I knew it the moment he walked in off the street with that spicebox nose. You don't get a nose like that unless you've been somewhere fermenting. Hint of cedar too, as I recall. He said he just wanted to look around. I said "Lace 'em up, kid."

Next thing he knows, I got him with one of my pro boys. And you know what? Kid does great! Drops a little black cherry, some pomegranate, even a hint of bacon fat! I'm shakin' my head like "Where did that come from?" So I give my pro the nod, and he goes for the jaw. Boom! And I mean BOOM! And you know what? The kid takes it! Layers of vanilla and oak like nothing happened!

It's just too bad he fell so hard for that charcoal grilled poultry and moved upstate. Kid Pinot could'a been the greatest three pack outta 2007.

Well, at least he's happy.

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2007 Pinot Noir, Rancho Santa Rosa Vineyard 750ml 3-Pack

An assured spicebox nose with hints of cedar leads to a powerful entry on the palate, where layers of black cherry fruit, pomegranate and bacon fat are highlighted by notes of vanilla and oak. A vibrant and showy Pinot Noir exhibiting the bright, expressive fruit characteristics of this vineyard. The wine’s masculine style makes it a wonderful match for charcoal grilled meats of poultry.


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  • Appellation: Santa Rita Hills
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Vineyards: 100% Rancho Santa Rosa Vineyard
  • Brix at Harvest: 24.2
  • Alcohol: 14.1%
  • pH: 3.56
  • TA: 6.2g/L
  • Case Production:500 cases
The grapes were allowed to cold soak for a period of 6-7 days to extract color and flavor. The wine underwent fermentation in 1.5 ton open top fermenters and was punched down by hand. Each Pinot Noir lot was inoculated with Assmanhausen yeast for its slow fermentation properties and organoleptic influence. The maceration period averaged 20-25 days for optimum tannin and color extraction. Aging took place in 100% Francois Freres cooperage from a variety of forests for 11 months in 1/3 new oak. Due to the multiple clones and blocks on this vineyard harvest is always a challenge. Some blocks did not want to ripen, but patience prevailed. Agreeable weather just before harvest also helped mature the troublesome blocks.


Winery Details


Nebil Zarif
Santa Maria, CA
Summerland Winery is a boutique wine company that takes pride in producing a diverse range of premium wines focusing on the expressive vineyard sources spanning from Santa Barbara to Monterey with an emphasis on small lot, vineyard designated Pinot Noir production. Inspired by the relaxed, friendly lifestyle enjoyed throughout California’s serene coastal towns, Proprietor, Mr. Nebil “Bilo” Zarif opened his tasting room in the charming town of Summerland. Here at the Summerland Winery Boutique, visitors are invited to taste Summerland’s award-winning varietal wines in a comfortable seaside setting overlooking the town and Pacific Ocean. Since its conception in 2002, Summerland Winery has quickly built a name synonymous with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Mr. Zarif, a longtime fixture in the Central Coast wine industry, founded Summerland Winery with the intention of producing a diverse range of Central Coast wines. The current portfolio of white wines includes Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Viognier, Chardonnay, Orange Muscat, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Merlot, Grenache, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon offered in two distinctive tiers. A portfolio of the Reds of the Central Coast Collection are blended in a more fruit forward style, excellent for food pairing. They best reflect the category of everyday enjoyment and offer good varietal character with a regional flavor profile.
In their first year, Summerland wines received 29 medals including two Gold Medal Best of Class awards for Pinot Noir and to date have received over 100 medals and recognition in numerous publications.
Just what are they saying about Summerland Winery?
“Who are these people?”  Robert M. Parker Jr., The Wine Advocate
“The real deal…”   Wine Enthusiast
“The Pinot-ists…”  Pattersons Beverage Journal
“Superb wine from a new producer.”  Dan Berger, Vintage  Experiences
“Summerland Winery is quietly making a name…”  Michael Cervin, Santa Barbara Independent



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