2007 Striped Bass Red by Truchard Winery 5-Pack

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Gone Fishin'

I swear it was THIS big ... with flavors of cassis, wild berries and vanilla.

Two white-haired men sat in the little boat on the edge of the pond they'd fished together since they were boys. "We were both just knee-high to a grasshopper," Charlie would always say when recollecting the beginning of his lifelong friendship with Dale. Dale would just nod his head and grunt in agreement. He wasn't the sentimental type.

The pond was once abundant with life, with catfish and trout so plentiful they'd practically jump into the boat. But now, the glassy surface of the pond lay still and undisturbed, not unlike these once virile men whose glory days had come and gone.

Occasionally, the slow clicking of the reel and the whirr of the cast fishing line would punctuate the quiet, followed by the gentle "plop" of the lure in the water.

"Not much biting today, huh?" Charlie would say.

"Hmmph," Dale would grunt.

And so it went, every day, from first light to sun down. Not a fish caught and barely a word spoke between these two old friends.

The bobber bobbed ever so slightly, as had Dale's head before a tug on the line interrupted his slumber. The old man snorted awake, rubbed the sleep from his eyes and squinted at the end of the rod, waiting for that telltale bend. And then it happened.

Dale yanked up on the pole and stumbled awkwardly to his feet, nearly knocking Charlie into the water and leaving the boat rocking. He reeled and reeled with all his might, and the two men peered excitedly over the side, eagerly awaiting the appearance of their first catch in months.

Charlie readied the net, leaned over the edge and then scooped it up as it surfaced. When he held up the bottle of Striped Bass Red, they both stood blinking in silent confusion.

Charlie turned the bottle around in his hand and read from the label.

"Says here that it's a 2007 dry, cool vintage with intense fruit aromas, complexity and great structure. And the firm acidity provides a long, delicate finish. Huh. Sounds nice. Bet Liza and Jean would like it."

Dale listened thoughtfully as his friend went on about the intense nose of black cherry, cranberry and boysenberry highlighted with cedar, black pepper and mint, and then gestured for Charlie to hand him the bottle. He considered the label for a moment and then chucked it back into the pond.

Dale was more of a beer man.

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2007 Striped Bass Red 750ml 5-Pack

2007 was a dry, cool vintage that produced outstanding wines. A dry winter and spring allowed for a good set of exceptionally small berries. Cooler temperatures throughout the growing season slowly brought the lighter crop to full maturity. The wines of 2007 have intense fruit aromas and flavors, complexity, and great structure.  This wine has an intense nose of black cherry, cranberry and boysenberry; highlighted with cedar, black pepper, and mint. The mouth has ripe jammy flavors of cassis, plum, wild berries, and sweet vanilla. Round tannins and firm acidity provide a long, delicate finish of spice and red fruits.



  • Harvest: October 8
  • Brix: 24.6°
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • pH: 3.78
  • TA: 6.4 gIL

The grapes were gently destemmed and crushed, then inoculated with Pasteur Red yeast. The fermentations were pumped-over twice daily, with the temperature peaking at 88' F. After 14 days of maceration both lots were pressed, and the wine allowed to settle in tank for 24 hours before going to barrel. This wine was aged in both French (60%) and American oak (40%) for 10 months; 35% of these barrels were new. The wine was racked only one time before being bottled in August of 2008. Truchard Vineyards produces the only Zin made entirely from Napa Cameros fruit.

Winery Details

Truchard Vineyards

Tony and Jo Ann Truchard
Napa, CA
Truchard Vineyards was established in 1974, when Tony and Jo Ann Truchard came to the Carneros region of the Napa Valley and purchased a 20 acre parcel of land. They transformed what was an abandoned prune orchard into a vineyard and began selling the fruit to a local winery. Through hard work and dedication they quickly developed a reputation as one of the outstanding vineyards in Carneros. Over the past 31 years the Truchard Estate Vineyard has grown to 400 acres, of which 270 acres are planted. The Truchards now sell grapes to more than 20 premiere Napa Valley wineries.

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