Stillman "Zeppelin" Pinot Noir 2-Pack

Sold by: Zeppelin Winery

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Bad, Bad, Stillman Brown.

I heard you the first 20 times. You say you’re with the band, but I’m telling you, you’re not on the list. And no one gets backstage unless they’re on the list.

Listen, I’m SURE that Jimmy Page told you PERSONALLY that he’d sign that bottle of Stillman "Zeppelin" Pinot Noir for you, but it’s just not in the cards today, Sweetheart. So why don’t you just go home, have a nice long bubble bath or do whatever else it is you women do when you’re sad, pour yourself a glass and enjoy the black and red cherry, the blackberry and pepper.

Now look Miss, I’m going to have to ask you to cover up. That kind of shenanigans is going to get you nowhere. You think you’re the first pretty girl with “Stairway to Heaven” lyrics tattooed on her bosoms that I’ve seen today? Hey now! There’s no need to get inappropriate. Oh, I’m sorry, you’re talking about the PN. I guess I’ll just have to take your word for it when you say that the structure is rich, full, and balanced with minimal tannins.

Sure, I’ll humor you and read the label. Well look at that! It DOES say that Stillman produces super premium and super exclusive wines. Well in that case, go right in! Yes, of course I was kidding. The fact that you were able to procure such a rare find is impressive, but the cold, hard truth is that it’s just not a VIP Pass. Better luck next time, Honey. Ok, bye bye now.

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2013 Stillman “Zeppelin” Pinot Noir, San Luis Obispo County 750ml 2-Pack

A radical style of Pinot Noir, dictated by the vineyard and vintage, with minimal winemaking intervention.  Denser and riper than almost any other example of the variety, black and red cherry, blackberry and pepper.  The nose is blatantly and powerfully Pinot Noir; the structure is rich, full and balanced with minimal tannins.  It’s probably one of the ten best wines I’ve made in my thirty years of enological malpractice.  Try it yourself.
Vintner Voicemail
Stillman says this Pinot is one of the ten best wines he's made...


Winery Retail Price: $120.00
Average Shipping:  $17.00
Woot Shipping:  (-$8.00)
Total MSRP:   $129.00

  • 100% Clone 777 Pinot Noir
  • Vineyard is 1.6 miles from the Pacific (San Simeon)
  • Alcohol: 14.9%
  • pH: 3.54
  • TA: 6.7 g/L.
  • Production: 143 cases

Winery Details

Zeppelin Winery

Stillman Brown
New Mexico and San Miguel, CA

Zeppelin Winery is a very small producer of super premium wines, based on the Central Coast of California. Founded in 2009 by winemaker Stillman Brown of Red Zeppelin Winery and wine veteran Dan Lewis (he's the office guy) they produce tiny lots of Syrah and other misunderstood varietals, with almost invariably insane labels.  Most can only be purchased directly, but once in a while they emerge into the light of day.

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Stillman "Zeppelin" Pinot Noir (2)
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