Starkey's Court, by J. Keverson, Sonoma Valley Zinfandel 3-Pack

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J. Keverson wines were conceived over a series of bocce games. We don't know much about bocce, so we journeyed across the Internet to learn more.

Turns out the whole world doesn't know any more than we do about bocce. We like that. That means we get to make stuff up.

So. Bocce ball goes as far back as 5000 B.C. Egypt. The Egyptians were all in the middle of building the pyramids, and Imhotep turned to King Djoser and was like, "Dude, this pyramid crap is exhausting. Let's do something else."

Imhotep then picked up two Brontosaurus eggs. He handed one to King Djoser, and then tossed the other egg about 40 yards away.

"Okay. Now throw yours."

Imhotep and Djoser spent weeks perfecting their new game, developing a set of rules and parameters to make it a challenging experience. Unfortunately, they were so dedicated to their new hobby that they wound up using a LOT of dinosaur eggs. And as the popularity of the "Eggy Tosser" game spread, the global supply of dinosaur eggs dwindled, leading to the eventual extinction of those great and noble creatures. Imhotep and Djoser were pretty bummed about that, so they decided to use coconuts and rocks and the skulls of their enemies.

Anyway, at some point the Italians got a hold of the game, and they were all, "Maybe we shouldn't use skulls anymore. And we're not big on the whole 'Eggy Tosser' name."

Italians have always been much better at marketing than ancient Egyptians. That's why you never hear about the ancient Egyptians' supercars.

Thus, "Eggy Tosser" became "Bocce Ball." And because of this delightful leisure activity, you have an opportunity to enjoy this really awesome zin. We know it's really awesome because we've been enjoying it whilst imparting all this knowledge unto you. As they say in Ancient Egyptian, "Salud!"

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The story of J. Keverson Wines originates at Starkey's Court.  Each Friday night, a group of us gathered for bocce at Tim Starkey's, where, between game strategies, a plan began to take shape to make a barrel or two of wine each year.  To our surprise, we turned out to be much better wine makers than bocce players!  We salute Tim and the game.

2010 Starkey's Court Zinfandel Sonoma Valley, Pedrazzini Family Vineyard 750ml 3-Pack

The 2010 Starkey’s Court Sonoma Valley Zinfandel has aromas of dark blackberries and a bit of cocoa, leading into layered flavors of black raspberries, black currants, cocoa powder, and a hint of cloves with a spicy finish.

  • Gold, 2013 North Coast Wine Competion
  • Gold, 2013 Orange County Wine Competition
  • Gold, 2013 Alameda County Fair, The Zin Challenge
Vintner Voicemail
J. Keverson Wines shares some background on their Zin, which happens to be their favorite varietal.


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  • Winemaker: John Hazlewood
  • Varietal: Zinfandel
  • Source: Pedrazzini Family Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
  • Bottled: April 4, 2012
  • pH: 3.4
  • TA: .62
  • Alcohol: 14.9%
  • Cases: 325

Winery Details

J. Keverson Wines

John Hazlewood, Kevin Tompkins, Scott Broome and Doug Webb
Healdsburg, CA

Several years ago, the four of us began gathering for weekly bocce games at Starkey’s court. Inevitably, the revelry of the game would carry over to the table where we created great meals, shared favorite wines and toasted living in Sonoma County.

Bocce blossomed into winemaking, naturally! We discovered we were good at it, brought home a few awards and pretty much outgrew the garage.

John, Kevin, Scott and Doug. Four fast friends who love a good game of bocce and the next quest in life. After sharing many wonderful meals and hard to find wines, our quest became a unified passion for making wine from some of the most highly regarded vineyards throughout Northern California.
John Hazlewood is our winemaker-in-chief and has already brought home Gold and Silver medals from the Harvest Fair and Los Angeles wine competitions.

Kevin Tompkins has sourced everything from our next vineyard to our corks. Now he spends most of his spare time driving West County and convincing chefs and restaurant owners to sample our premier releases.

Scott Broome and Doug Webb are both quite diligent in their quality-control duties and have stepped up their quest for the top 100 meals to pair with J. Keverson!

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Starkey's Court, by J Keverson, Zin (3)
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