St. Julian Winery 2011 Pinot Grigio Case

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Know Your Saints

The question you might be asking yourself now is... who was the REAL St. Julian?

It's a good question, we feel. No matter how delicious the taste of Honeycrisp apples and tropical fruit, why would you want to drink a wine named after some dude you didn't even understand? So we've done a little research into the matter, and we think we've figured out which St. Julian has loaned this wine his name.

Our first guess was Julian of Toledo. He took his position by poisoning Wamba, the king of the Visigoths, which is so BEYOND METAL that our heart raced to give him all the credit. But it turns out that this wine is in the Italian "grigio" style with a lush rich body, and why would the Italians name a wine after a Toledoian? So we moved on.

Our next choice was Julian of Le Mans, who lived in the 3rd or 4th Century. He was thought to be a Roman nobleman, which is the next best thing to being an Italian, right? He was sent to Gaul to preach to the Cenomani, and cared for the poor and sick in the Le Mans area. He even supposedly performed a miracle and created a spring from the ground, as bright and clean as this wine that shares a name very much like his. We say "very much" because it probably isn't this St. Julian. How do we know? Well, Julian of Le Mans didn't pair well with roasted chicken and sushi, and this wine does.

Ultimately we decided Julian of Antioch was the best choice for this wine's namesake. Why? Because he was sewn up a sack half-filled with scorpions, sand and vipers and then thrown into the sea. And if anyone has a good excuse for needing a 12-pack of wine, it's a guy with a story like that.

So we salute you, St. Julian, with this 2011 Pinot Grigio! Thanks for lookin' out for us.

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2011 Pinot Grigio 750ml 12-Pack

Made in the Italian “grigio” style, this wine shows delicate aromas of mango, Bartlett pear and pineapple. These splendid aromas lead to a medium-bodied palate, with juicy Honeycrisp apples and tropical fruit flavors followed by a lush, rich body. Its style, harmony and amazing grace are balanced with its razor-sharp acidity. Food Pairing: Pate, Roasted Chicken or Turkey, Sushi. This is a bright, clean wine designed to be consumed shortly after release.


Vintner Voicemail
Winemaker Nancie Oxley gives Wooters the first crack at this new release Pinot Grigio--even before their tasting room sees it.


  • Appellation: Lake Michigan Shore
  • Varietals: Pinot Grigio
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Acid: 7.8 grams per Liter
  • pH: 3.27
  • Residual Sugar: 0.1%
These Pinot Grigio grapes are sourced from Berrien County where this early-ripening variety thrives and produces fruit with intense aromatics and character. The fruit is harvested and transported to the winery in the cool early morning hours to minimize skin contact and ensure that the pinkish-gray hue of the skins does not translate into the juice as the wine is produced ‘in bianco’-the technique of making a white wine from red-skinned grapes. The final blend incorporates a small percentage of Traminette which St. Julian found to both enhance the aromatics and add dimension to the palate. To best showcase the vibrant fruit this wine saw no oak or malolactic fermentation.
This is a bright, clean wine designed to be consumed shortly after release. There is no oak aging to weigh it down. All aging took place in chilled stainless steel tanks before bottling to preserve the fresh fruit character.


Winery Details

St. Julian Winery

David R. Braganini
Paw Paw, MI

St. Julian Winery is a family-owned and operated company.  This year we are celebrating our 90th anniversary.  Our Braganini Reserve is named after St. Julian President, David Braganini, grandson of Founder, Mariano Meconi.  Our Reserve line highlights Michigan wine at its finest.  Grapes coming from the heart of one of the oldest and best grape growing regions highlight our best growers on the best soil and in the best locations in Michigan to produce the highest quality wines possible.  Our combination of tradition and technique have helped make St. Julian Michigan’s oldest, largest, and most awarded winery.  We invite you to visit one our tasting rooms one of our tasting room locations or visit us at the Main winery in Paw Paw the next time you visit Michigan to experience our “Italian Roots – Michigan Soil.”


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St. Julian Pinot Grigio Case (12)
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