St. Julian Chancellor Noir Michigan Red 6-Pack

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Patron Of The Grape

If you made this wine, you'd be a ninny not to brag about it! Right? Right?

The little known St. Julian Braganini was born in 1641, in the middle of a vineyard. People know this because he bragged about it. Constantly. Like, the guy just WOULD NOT shut up about it. You'd expect a saint to be more humble, right?

It was here that St. Julian Braganini first learned the craft of winemaking. For the first decade of his life, St. Julian Braganini actually thought he WAS a grape! Imagine his surprise to learn otherwise! And yet, he never forgot his friends on the vine, and devoted his life to helping them become the wine they were always meant to be.

And the Chancellor Noir! This four-pack of red was every grape's dream! To be in a wine with a velvety, medium-body entry of super ripe currant, black raspberry, and Bing cherry flavors. That grape would be satisfied.

Yes, you guessed it. It was not the hand of Man that made St. Julian Braganini into a saint. The hand of Man pretty much wished he'd just hand them some wine and buzz off. But, to the grapes of the world? St. Julian Braganini was a transformative power. St. Julian Braganini was the hero of the grapes.

And certainly moreso than Lord Raisincookie. What a jerk THAT guy was, right?

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2011 Braganini Reserve Chancellor Noir 750ml 6-Pack

Chocolate covered espresso bean and sweet cherry vanilla aromas lead to a velvety, medium-body entry of super ripe currant, black raspberry, and Bing cherry flavors. Finishes with silky tannins and a hint of smoky clay. Deliciously inviting on its own or with any divine feast.

Vineyard: Ed Oxley Farms started in 1967 when Ed & Phyllis purchased the Bitely centennial farm in Lawton, Michigan. The grapes on this farm, now Oxley Estate, were originally planted in 1868 and over 100 acres of these still remain. Being the highest point in Van Buren County, this site is tremendous for growing wine grapes. With three vineyard plantings of Chancellor, the variance in the vine age has continually produced a quality Chancellor for the Braganini Reserve brand. The farm has grown over the years to 600 acres of juice grapes, 100 acres of wine grapes and 180 acres of tart cherries, all located in Lawton. A family passionate about producing top quality grapes from the soils they work, they continued the tradition of excellence with 2nd generation son’s Chris & Rick joining the farm in the 1990’s.

Winemaking: Thermovinification, raising the crushed grapes to high temperatures before fermentation to release pigments and tannins, is the process used to make this Chancellor. Since this process allows us to extract pigments and tannin, the skins and seeds can be eliminated during fermentation. This allows us to then treat this red wine like we would a white wine, fermenting at lower temperatures and eliminating multiple pump overs each day.

Aging:  After primary fermentation and malolactic fermentation were complete, the wine was then moved to 60-70 gallon barrels to age over a 12 to 14 month period. Our winemaker tastes each barrel lot monthly to evaluate the wine's progress while aging. Before racking the wine out of barrels, each individual barrel is tasted and the best quality barrels are blended into the Braganini Reserve wines. Chancellor is aged for 10 to 14 months in Michigan oak barrels.


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Food Pairing: Duck, Goose, Game Birds, Game Meat, Grilled Beef Steak, Ham, Stew or Casserole

  • Acid: 7.83 grams per Liter
  • pH: 3.54
  • Residual Sugar: 0%
  • Cases: 508
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Varietals:  Chancellor  
  • Appellation:  Lake Michigan Shore

Winery Details

St. Julian Winery

David R. Braganini
Paw Paw, MI

St. Julian Winery is a family-owned and operated company.  This year we are celebrating our 90th anniversary.  Our Braganini Reserve is named after St. Julian President, David Braganini, grandson of Founder, Mariano Meconi.  Our Reserve line highlights Michigan wine at its finest.  Grapes coming from the heart of one of the oldest and best grape growing regions highlight our best growers on the best soil and in the best locations in Michigan to produce the highest quality wines possible.  Our combination of tradition and technique have helped make St. Julian Michigan’s oldest, largest, and most awarded winery.  We invite you to visit one our tasting rooms one of our tasting room locations or visit us at the Main winery in Paw Paw the next time you visit Michigan to experience our “Italian Roots – Michigan Soil.”


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St. Julian Chancellor Noir Red (6)
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