Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Mixed Red 2-Pack

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"I'm just saying maybe you shouldn't make such snap judgments."

You know, stereotypes exist for a reason. There's always at least a hint of truth in them.

"It's ignorance like that statement that makes me glad I'm so open-minded."

Oh, please. You're telling me if I say, "Full-bodied with flavors of black fruit and dark chocolate," you don't immediately think, "Cabernet"?

"No, I don't actually. I like to give wines the benefit of the doubt."

Anyone who says they don't immediately think "Cabernet" when they hear "black cherry, anise and toasted almond" is a liar.

"Are you calling me a liar?"

If you can't admit that this wine is an outstanding example of the bold personality and unbridled flavors characteristic of a Napa Valley Cabernet, then yes, yes I am calling you a liar.

"How DARE you. You make me sick."

OK, fine. So, tell me this … if I describe a wine that's dark ruby in color, has intense aromas of blueberries, dried cherries and vanilla with hints of caramel, and offers a persistent, lingering finish with a hint of mocha and espresso, what would you say?

"I'd say that it really could be anything because I'm not a shortsighted ignoramus like you. Merlot, maybe. Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc for that matter. Petit Verdot, even."

Mmm hmm, mmm hmm. Now what would you say if I told you that second wine is a blend of ALL of those things?

"What?! I uh, well … YOU TRICKED ME."

Pot, meet Kettle.

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2006 Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 750ml
Rutherford Hill's Cabernet Sauvignon is an outstanding example of the bold personality and unbridled flavors characteristic of a Napa Valley Cabernet. This ripe, sleek, elegant wine is carefully crafted then held in one of the most extensive wine aging natural cave systems in North America, which keeps it at the ideal temperature and humidity throughout the aging process.  The color is crimson, with an aroma of black cherry, anise, and toasted almond. The taste is full bodied, with soft tannins and flavors of black fruit and dark chocolate.
2008 Rutherford Hill Winemaker's Red Blend 750ml
Blending is at the heart of Rutherford Hill Winery's winemaking programs. It is the critical process of combining different wines from multiple vineyard locations and appellations with one goal: Create a complete wine that is superior to the individual components. The Winemaker’s Blend is a meritage style wine that celebrates this artistic endeavor.  The best attributes of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot harmonize into a flavorful wine that is fruit forward, elegant, supple and age worthy. They only produce Winemaker’s Blend in exceptional vintages, and 2008 definitely qualifies.  Dark ruby in color, this wine has intense aromas of blueberries, dried cherries and vanilla, with a hint of caramel.  It is concentrated, full bodied, with flavors of dry cherry and redcurrant. The persistent, lingering finish has a hint of mocha and an espresso finish. 


Vintner Voicemail
Kay Malaske calls in from Rutherford Hill to share some details about this great mixed red offer.


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2006 Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley 750ml

  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Varietal Blend: 97% Cabernet Sauvignon, 3% Petit Verdot
  • Appellation: Napa Valley 
  • Acid Level: 6.3 g/L
  • Sugar Level: No residual sugar
  • Length/Type of Fermentation: Stainless Steel Tank with daily pumpovers with an average of 22 days on skins.
  • Length/Type of Aging: Barrel aged in 225L French oak barrels for 16 months; One-third New Oak.
  • Date Wine was Bottled: June 2008
  • Number of cases: 6,086


2008 Rutherford Hill Winemaker's Red Blend 750ml

  • Varietal Blend: 43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 34% Merlot, 15% Cabernet Franc, 6% Petit Verdot, 2% Malbec
  • Appellation: 100% Napa Valley
  • Harvest Dates: 09/5/08 – 10/13/08
  • # of days of fermentation: 10 days
  • Type of fermentation: Stainless Steel tank with daily pumpovers 
  • Fermentation Temperature: 85° Fahrenheit
  • Length and type of aging: 20 months in French Oak 
  • Alcohol: 14.2%
  • Acid: 6.0 g/L
  • Residual sugar: none
  • Month wine was bottled: August 2, 2010
  • Optimum period for Consumption: Release through 2018
  • Number of cases produced: 535


Winery Details

Rutherford Hill Winery

The Terlato Wine Group
Napa Valley, CA
Founded in 1972, Rutherford Hill Winery is a pioneer in the development of California Merlot. The grape growers who founded Rutherford Hill carefully studied the geography of the region and capitalized on climate and soil conditions that resembled those of Pomerol, the small but distinctive Merlot-growing region of Bordeaux. What a promising discovery that was - one that has borne plenty of fruit - specifically, the lush, purple-black grapes that have contributed so much to Rutherford Hill's success. Today, Merlot remains the flagship wine of the company with 75 percent of Rutherford Hill's production dedicated to this varietal, one of the leading Merlots of Napa Valley.
When the Terlato family of the Terlato Wine Group (TWG), Lake Bluff, Illinois, purchased the winery in 1996, they immediately began to apply their guiding principle: Quality is a way of life. The pursuit of excellence began with a comprehensive review of all aspects of the facility that resulted in significant enhancements. TWG Chairman Anthony Terlato works with Rutherford Hill winemakers to tackle the challenges of consistently improving the wine, vintage after vintage.



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Rutherford Hill Mixed Red
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