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Ahhh, Port. The family therapist of wines.

An Open Letter To My Father:

Dear Dad,

You've been a really good dad. You taught me all the important things in life, like how to work hard for the things you want and to never give up, even in the wake of failure. You taught me patience and persistence, and tenacity as well as grace.

And you did it all with the emotional availability and warmth of a 1960s-era father figure. You never expressly said the words, but I knew you loved me. Like the time I worked really hard for that A-minus in algebra, and you said you were disappointed it wasn't an A. Or how you never came to cheer me on at any of my after-school events because you were busy "putting that food on the table." I get it. You want the best for me. But you're the strong silent type.

So when you stand in front of me now, fourth or fifth glass of Renwood Vintage Port in hand, blubbering on about how proud you are of me and how much you love me, it's awkward. Awkward like it was when we'd be watching a movie and a sex scene would come on and you'd make an excuse to leave the room. Or awkward like how at the age of 35, you still try to relate to me with anecdotes from my childhood. IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO, FOR CHRISSAKE! I DON'T LOVE POGS ANYMORE.

I know you love me, Dad. I've always known. So please, put down the wine and let's go watch sports or something. Are you ... CRYING? OK, good talk. I'm just gonna back away slowly now and ...






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2005 Renwood Vintage Port 750ml 4-Pack

The 2005 Port is made from traditional Portuguese varietals: Alvarahao, Bastardo, Souzao, Tina Cao, Tinta Roriz (Tempranillo) and Touriga. These six classic Portuguese varieties used by Renwood flourish in the Sierra Foothills. Selected lots from the best barrels make up the final blend. It exhibits cinnamon and dry floral aromas with hints of cocoa. On the palate, it displays dark fruit with nuances of orange rind and gingerbread.

Vintage: The growing season of 2005 started out with a normal spring, but the record winter and spring rainfall gave plenty of early growth. A hot early summer continued the growth and berry development, and a large crop was the result. The weather remained dry throughout the harvest, resulting in perfect fruit condition.

Fermentation and Aging: All of the grapes used are native to Portugal, except the Tinta Roriz, which is originally from Spain, where it is known as Tempranillo. Renwood’s Vintage Port is made in the traditional way:  a short time in small neutral cooperage, then bottled. After fermentation and fortification, Renwood chose to age the final blend in neutral American oak barrels for three years to impart softness to the highly concentrated fruit character of this wine.
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Renwood introduces their port – a great deal and perfect for the holidays.


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  • Alcohol: 20%

Winery Details

Renwood Winery

Amador County

Situated in the picturesque Amador County of northern California, Renwood Winery is surrounded by the rolling hills and rushing streams of California's gold country. Renwood was established in 1993 and is one of the most respected wine producers in the Sierra Foothills, specializing in Zinfandel.

Renwood wines have enjoyed consistently high ratings by some of the most respected wine critics in the world reflecting the skill of our winemakers and our devotion to the craft of winemaking.

Renwood was acquired by International investors in August 2011 and is now part of a group of companies chaired by Alejandro Bulgheroni that includes vineyards, wineries, olive plantations and olive oil production, fresh fruit farms, forests and dairy farms, amongst others, in Argentina and Uruguay. Renwood has renewed its focus on producing great Amador County Zinfandels.

We invite you to tour our upgraded facilities and vineyards and to visit our newly renovated tasting room where you can enjoy a glass of your favorite Amador County wine, paired with a delicious tasting menu, while experiencing the beauty of the Shenandoah Valley to the fullest. Renwood Winery is a grateful steward of the land, and this is reflected in our commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable farming and production techniques.

We are honored by the continued support of our wine club members and the many guests who visit our tasting room, spreading the word about our handcrafted wines. Our new wine club programs, The King of Zins Club and the Royal Wren Club, cater to all palettes, and member satisfaction is at the core of our efforts to maintain Renwood's presence in all 50 states and many foreign markets as well.

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Renwood Vintage Port (4)
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