Woot Cellars Quaffmor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc 5-Pack

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Quaff The Hook

Vikings quaff. That's our marketing angle. 

OK folks, listen up. We've identified a huge demographic target for our wines: The Norse. Turns out that Vikings drink more wine per capita than any other pillaging barbaric group, and the earlier we can grab market share in Scandinavia the better. These dark ages ain't gonna last forever, folks.

Now here's the thing: Turns out Vikings don't like to "drink" wine, they like to "quaff" it. Specifically, male Vikings between the ages of 21-36 most often consume wine while gathered around a long wooden table for a feast, during which they request succor from their gods in their upcoming raids, pound the table manfully, and quaff a flagon of wine. In 90% of such cases, the Viking will then wipe his beard with the back of his hand and call for more.

So we need a marketing campaign that speaks to these needs. "Wine is quaffable" is the message we want to send. Maybe we could work it into the name? "QuaffWine" could work. Or maybe "QuaffIt!"? "Quaffmor," you say? Yes, that's the one. Consider it green-lit.

Does anybody at this table know any Vikings personally? If we're going to exploit this group's preferences to drive purchasing decisions, we're going to need to come up with some ads that make it seem like we're part of "their" group. I'm talking about sincerity, people. Might've heard of it?

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2010 Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 5-Pack

Sauvignon Blanc truly thrives in a region like the Russian River Valley, where warm days play with cold evenings and foggy mornings to produce great cool climate varietals. Acidity is such an integral part of any wine especially Sauvignon Blanc. This vineyard is located in an ideal part of the Russian River Valley, providing a dynamical climate for beautiful acidity in this varietal. Quaffmor has a striking nose of grapefruit, melon and white flowers that is fresh and elegant. Brilliant acidity balances with bright fruit for a wonderfully balanced texture and an overall fantastic wine. This wine is a refreshing thirst quencher.


  • Appellation: Russian River Valley
  • Alcohol: 13.2%
  • TA: 0.7g / 100 ml
  • pH: 3.11


Winery Details

Cameron Hughes

Cameron Hughes and Jessica Kogan
San Francisco, CA
With an obsession for quality and innovation, Cameron Hughes Wine, founded by Cameron Hughes and partner Jessica Kogan, is dedicated to building a reputation for delivering the best domestic and international wine values in the marketplace today.
As a modern international négociant, we partner with top-tier wineries around the world, buying and contracting their ultra-premium wine to sell at very affordable prices.
Cameron Hughes Wine brands - unique in character and integrity - include the CH Lot Series, CH California, Hughes-Wellman, The Flying Winemaker, Zin Your Face, and Frunza.



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Woot Cellars Quaffmor Sauv Blanc 5-Pack
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