Philip Shaw No. 8 Australian Pinot Noir 2-Pack

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Shaw Is Dead, Miss Him, Miss Him

Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. Number 8. eniw siht yuB.

Have you heard the rumor? Apparently Philip Shaw is sending secret messages in the names of his wines!

Now, don't quote us, but here's everything we know about the 2005 Philip Shaw No. 8 Pinot Noir, Orange Australia, Koomooloo Vineyard 750ml 2-Pack based on what we assume are secret messages.

1) No. 8 refers to the INXS song Mediate.

2) INXS was an Australian band.

3) Australian sunsets are sometimes orange.

4) Orange is a color that is said to increase the craving for food.

5) A good Pinot Noir, like this one, carries flavors of red berries and delicate rose notes.

6) Roses are often given to people you love.

From all this, it's clear that Philip Shaw went out at sunset with someone he loved, and then around 8pm tried to break up a fight between sax player Kirk Pengilly and an unnamed aggressor. He failed (hence this wine's crimson color) and escaped to the local Outback where he hid in the men's room. His winery hired an impostor (named Billy Shears) and Shaw even today waits for the cry of "Koomooloo!" that will mean the coast is clear.

If you just think about it a little, it makes perfect sense, right?

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2005 Philip Shaw No. 8 Pinot Noir, Orange Australia, Koomooloo Vineyard 750ml 2-Pack

“The lucky number – My gambling number, Chinese lucky number, the ongoing eternity symbol and a snake in a knot – No 8 is the gamble. Pinot is a hard variety to classify, with everyone having an opinion on what it should be – I can eliminate what it shouldn’t be but the rest is a gamble. Pinot is prepared to show you its blemishes and is obvious in its character. If you try to change him he’ll fall apart. A critical stage in the style of Pinot is removing it from vineyard; this decision is based on feel and frustration.”

~ Philip Shaw

Color: Crimson ruby red dress
Nose: Intense blueberry with truffle naughtiness, cherry blossom, violets and black forest cake. Perfumes, violets and blossom.
Palate:  Crunchy red berries, mineral tight tannins, ample structure with delicate rose notes and simple spice bones.



Winery Retail Price: $70.00
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Total MSRP:   $82.31


  • Varietal: 100% Pinot Noir
  • Vineyard: Koomooloo Vineyard, Orange, NSW
  • Altitude: >900 metres
  • Clones:  D5 V12, 115, 114, MV6, 777
  • Vines Planted: 1991
  • pH: 3.7
  • TA: 6.03
  • Alcohol: 13.8%
  • Harvest Date: 14th-16th March
  • Oak: 40% New French, 60% year old French


Winery Details

Philip Shaw

Distinguished Vineyards & Wine Partners
Orange NSW, Australia
The purchase of the Koomooloo property in 1989 marked the start of an adventure and a dream realized for Philip Shaw. Much study and planning had gone into finding this site, one that was ideal for making elegant, bright, intense wines, with its high altitude, cool climate and aspects to the North, South and East.
At nearly 900m altitude, Koomooloo is one of the higher planted vineyards in Australia. The vineyard’s soil is an interesting mix of topsoil wind blown from central Australia, reputed to be some of the oldest on the planet, and volcanic red sub soil set over deep limestone.
Now 20 years on, Koomooloo has 47 hectares of vines planted, all vertically trained on a single cordon. The vines are hand-pruned, shoot thinned, bunch thinned prior to veraison to achieve the desired low crops. Fruit is hand picked at relatively low sugar levels but exhibiting bright intense fruit characters with a clearly defined varietal character. Whole bunches travel down a sorting table with 4 people on either side removing green or damaged berries, only clean fruit remains.
“A great wine is a marriage between the vineyard and the winemaker.” Philip Shaw



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