Penny Farthing Chardonnay 6-Pack

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Penny Farth ur Thoughts



Falling Sickness!

Does your current California Chardonnay impose brute force of toasts and butters upon your tonguemeat?


No longer allow the vagabond grape to violate your delicate constitution!


Penny Farthing Chardonnay!

A soothing Santa Barbara tonic!

None of the heavy flavorings of oak or grist mill!

Relinquish those former Chardonnays with their creams of ammonia!


Inhale the intoxicating aroma of stone fruit!

Allow the scent of honeysuckle to transport you to "the Orient" or wherever!


Liberate yourself from those tramp grapes! Buy Penny Farthing Chardonnay Today!

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2009 Penny Farthing Chardonnay 750ml 6-Pack

How seldom today does one find chardonnay permitted to express its true nature, resembling more a lush, sweet golden delicious apple than the oppressive toast and butter we see nowadays. We all know that California Chardonnay has become something of a beast. Quite a few unfortunate winemakers are forced by their masters to submit this perfectly innocent grape to heavy wood extracts and heavy buttermilk fermentations which obscure its true character. Many wine lovers, in fact, will not permit such brutes into their homes.

Oddly, few of us know what this delicious and popular grape actually tastes like! In order to present it properly, it behooved us to locate a very fine yet sensibly priced vineyard source, harvest at the peak of ripeness and simply fermented to dryness. The lightest kiss of French oak toast was required in order to frame the wine’s resulting lush natural sweetness.

This offering from a lovely Santa Barbara vineyard comes naturally by its rich, oily full body without the assistance of heavy-handed oak extraction, and the overall impression is that of fragrant honeysuckle and of lush apricot stone fruit. The restrained alcohol opens up the finish wonderfully, where a lively minerality of its Napa component bestows a palate-cleansing raciness.

Vintner Voicemail
Clark Smith of WineSmith Cellars describes his Penny Farthing Chardonnay for the Wooters.


Winery Retail Price: $120.00
Average Shipping:  $24.00
Woot Shipping:  (-$5.00)
Total MSRP:   $139.00

As with riding your old penny farthing, balance is everything. Perfect crispness, perfect oak, perfect weight. Delight your guests with our chardonnay indoors, or pack it into a picnic basket laden with chicken, cashews and pears. The whimsical penny farthing bicycle evokes bygone days when life was simpler and more joyful. Our winery provides old-fashioned value that is handcrafted and simply delicious.

  • Vineyard Location: 89% Santa Barbara
    • Harvest Sugar: 25.1 Brix
  • Vineyard Location: 11% Napa Valley
    • Harvest Sugar: 24.8 Brix
  • Fermentation techniques:
      • South African NT112 yeast
      • In-barrel fermentation at 70F
      • Post-fermentation malolactic
  • Elevage details: Successfully resisted over-oaking
  • Bottling information:
    • TA: 6.7 g/L
    • pH: 3.38 at bottling
    • Alcohol: 13.9%
    • Production: 498 cases

Winery Details

WineSmith Cellars

Clark Smith
Sebastopol, CA

Clark Smith is an MIT drop-out who wandered out to California in 1972 and sold wine retail in the Bay Area for several years, where he acquired a love of Bordeaux, Burgundy and all things French and observed first hand the California winery explosion in the 1970s.  After a three year stint at Veedercrest Vineyards, he secured enology training at UC Davis and spent the 1980s as founding winemaker for The R.H. Phillips Vineyard in Yolo County.  In 1990, he founded WineSmith Consulting and patented a group of new winemaking techniques involving reverse osmosis, spinning off Vinovation, which went on to become the world’s largest wine production consulting firm over its 17-year history.

Frustrated with California’s winemaking trends, Clark started WineSmith Cellars in 1993 as a teaching winery to make Eurocentric wines to explore traditions beyond the mainstream, expanding for his winemaking clients the range of possibility for California fruit.  Choosing to create long-term partnerships with committed growers rather than growing his own grapes, Clark has become an renowned expert on Cabernet Franc, having vinified twenty vintages from a wide variety of sites.

Teaching at Napa Valley College gave him access to the Student Vineyard for Faux Chablis and his Pauillac-style $100 “Crucible” Cabernet Sauvignon.  From Renaissance Vineyards in North Yuba County he has made a sulfite-free Roman Syrah and also produces a Pinot Noir from Fiddlestix Vineyard in the Santa Rita Hills in a delicate, age-worthy Côtes de Beaune style.  These wines are vinified in an ancient beat-up warehouse in Sebastopol, California.

WineSmith wines are noted for their longevity, classic balance, structural integrity, minerality and understated soulfulness.  They often are aged extensively prior to release.  When drinking a WineSmith wine, always ask yourself “What is this wine trying to teach me?”  Clark is a vocal advocate of living soil and graceful longevity, and generally avoids excessive oak, alcohol, or extended hang-time.  He is not shy about employing new tools when they are needed, such as alcohol adjustment to bring fruit into balance or micro-oxygenation to build refined structure, but always fully discloses techniques which are controversial and is outspoken in explaining his rationale.

His book, Postmodern Winemaking, is the culmination of four decades of reflection on wine’s true nature.

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