Nacina Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling, by Dan Tudor 5-Pack

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Vintner Royalty

A whole new meaning to "noble rot."

I ain’t what you might call “high-class.” I didn’t go to the right schools. I don’t hobnob with the cultural elites. I don’t dress in the finest clothes, or vacation in exclusive retreats, or go through more than a bar and a half of soap in a year.

So maybe I don’t fit in at the ballet. Maybe I’m a little too loud for the country club. Maybe the only time anyone uses the term “upper crust” in a conversation about me, it’s an uncomplimentary reference to the infrequency with which I launder my shirts.

Still, ain’t I a man? Ain’t I got taste buds? Don’t this schnozz take in a wine’s bouquet? Can’t my palate discriminate? You bet your dimpled booty I am, I do, it does and it can.

Fate made me who I am, though, and filled my pockets more with grit and lint than fat wads of green. So I have to keep an eye out for opportunities to appreciate those few finer things that’re within my reach. Economically, I mean. (And also physically, as I sustained a philanderin’ injury in my youth that left me unable to lift my arms above my head ever since.) My low-cash-flow situation has made me a connoisseur of life’s lower-cost delights. I know when the discount days are at the local museums, what hillsides offer a free view of the drive-in movie screen, and which rest stop men’s rooms are best-stocked with T.P.

But the most special treat for me is also the rarest: Seein’ a fair price on a top shelf Riesling. As long as it’s not literally on the top shelf, or I need someone to help me get it down.

Ah, Tudor wines! Steeped in tradition! Winner of awards and accolades! I love your Nacina Santa Lucia Highlands Riesling, harvested from the new clone Tondré Vineyards! It gives off notes of melon! Of honey, grapefruit and ripe apricot!

Yup, I love that 2012 Nacina Riesling, which, alone at my dinner table, I call “Nancy!” Nancy's astonishingly fresh, intense yet delicate - like I like my women! Nancy's the shizzle, fo rizzle! In fact, there’s only one drawback to a Tudor Riesling that I can think of: It’s a little less roomy than the Fordor version. Ha! Ha! Just kidding.

Anywho, it’s not every day wines of this quality drift by me in the drainage ditch of life. When it happens, I grab them fast, like a cobra would. Or like a cobra would if it had hands. And liked wine. Man, when I think of what rich men sometimes pay for lesser wines than these, it makes me want to laugh, loud and hearty at the capriciousness of circumstance!

And then to burglarize their homes.

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2012 Nacina Riesling, Tondré Vineyards, Santa Lucia Highlands 750ml 5-Pack

Astonishingly fresh with intense yet delicate notes of melon, honey, and well-spiced ripe grapefruit. Enormous concentration, plush flavors of ripe apricot and pear, perfectly balanced by acidity and a long finish.

History and Tradition: Nacina means “The Way” in Croatian. The Tudor family has been growing grapes on the Dalmatian Coast's island of Hvar for hundreds of years. In 1917 Dan “Dinko” Tudor boarded a steamer from the Istria Peninsula to Ellis Island, NYC. Settling in Delano, California he followed his passion of growing table grapes building one of the largest vineyard operations by the 1960's. First cousins, Christian Tudor and Dan Tudor started Tudor Wines in 2000. This Nacina wine is a tribute to a tradition of always following one's own path and passion in life – all while seeking happiness and spreading goodwill on the way.

The Vintage: 2012 was a very cool vintage allowing the Riesling to retain its acidity while developing deeply complex flavors. Fermented in stainless steel at low temperature over the period of four months the wine slowing reached the desired balance of alcohol and residual sugars at which point it was halted. This wine will continue to develop in the bottle for many years. Enjoy with a wide variety of foods, including spicy Asian dishes as well as rich and savory French and German.

Vintner Voicemail
Dan Tudor is happy to be back on Woot to introduce his Nacina Riesling.


Winery Retail Price: $100.00
Average Shipping:  $22.00
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Total MSRP:   $117.00

Three Word Taste Summary: Citrus. Peach. Apricot.

Vintage Notes: The 2012 vintage was cool and dry which resulted in perfectly ripe Riesling fruit with beautiful natural acidity.

Food Pairings: Everything! Spicy, BBQ, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, pork

  • Winery: Tudor Wines
  • Winemaker: Dan Tudor
  • Suggested Drinking Window: Between 2013 and 2022
  • Storage Instructions: Store in a cool (46 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit) dry area.
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Varietal Composition: 100% Riesling
  • Appellation: 100% Tondré Vineyards, Santa Lucia Highlands
  • TA: 8.5 grams/liter
  • pH: 3.07
  • RS: 1.59%
  • Produced: 649 12pk 750ml cases

Winery Details

Tudor Wines

Dan and Christian Tudor
Santa Barbara, CA

Every year our grandfather Tudor used to make wine for his friends and family. It’s a tradition. The Tudor family has been growing grapes and lavender – and making wine on the Island of Hvar in Croatia – for over 2,000 years. The Tudors began growing grapes in California early in the 1900′s and continue to operate one of the largest table grape vineyards in the country.

In an increasingly mechanized world, there are still a few handcrafted products that stand out. Fine wine is one of them. At Tudor Wines, we select fruit from family-owned vineyards and transform it into wine using traditional techniques. These include small fermentations mixed by hand and aging in French barrels. The resulting wine has a purity of expression that cannot be duplicated on a larger scale.

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Nacina Riesling, by Dan Tudor (5)
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