Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack

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Pasta Caberneti is a purple-hued black.  Black "Pasta Nera" has been traditional in Italy for centuries, but in the U.S., it tends to lose its allure when people realize that Pasta Nera is made with squid ink.  Nothing against our tentacled friends, but there's just something a little more enchanting when this dramatic color comes from Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Delectable pasta with the health benefits of red wine
  • Marché Noir Foods sources their wine flour from the heart of Sonoma County's Wine Country
Ingredients: Durum Semolina, Cabernet Wine Flour (Grape Skin Powder).


Nutritional Data
Serving Size:  3 oz.
Servings per Bag: 4
Calories per serving: 304
Total Fat: 2g
Sat. Fat: 0g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 0mg
Sodium: 1mg
Total Carb.: 61g
Fiber: 6g / 25% daily value
Sugars: 0g
Protein: 7g
Iron: 54% Daily Value
Potassium: 8% Daily Value
Omega-3: 28mg
Omega-6: 303mg

In the box:

Marche Noir Pasta Caberneti 4 Pack includes:

  • (2) Caberneti Rotini,12 oz package
  • (2) Caberneti Fettuccine, 12 oz package


Winery Details

Marche Noir

Rachel Klemek
Irvine, CA
Marché Noir Foods is a sub-brand under the company Blackmarket Bakery Inc., based in Irvine, CA. Owned and founded by Chef Rachel Klemek, Blackmarket Bakery specializes in handmade confections and cakes.
In 2004 CIA-trained Pastry Chef Rachel Marie Klemek started the Blackmarket Bakery with a simple approach - be adventurous with flavor and uncompromising with quality. “Marché Noir”, French for Blackmarket, started out as the bakery’s more refined alias, but it has morphed into more of an idea, an ethos, than an actual place or thing. We embrace tradition, but are always reinterpreting it, usually with a sense of humor.
For example, when we heard that the pomace, the grape skins from wine production, could be turned into a flour, it was a perfect "Marché Noir" moment. High in iron, fiber, and Res-V as well as antioxidants, wine flour is a truly unique and healthful way to enjoy another dimension of winemaking. It also creates a valuable resource out of something often discarded, which is particularly important in our ecologically aware age. But don’t think “recycling”; think “rediscovering” something of great value, which has always been there, right under our noses.
Marché Noir Foods sources their wine flour from the heart of Sonoma County's Wine Country.

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Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack
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