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It’s Like Concentrated Sugar, People

What’s better than sugar? No, not corn syrup. Caramel.

And what’s better than caramel? A three pack of caramel. Like crack to a lab rat, once you’ve had a taste of the good stuff, you can’t go back.

Caramel Cream with Salted Butter? It’s already tasting sweeter than before. Caramel Topping with Salted Butter? The natural salt, harvested in costal France, is making something happen. The flavors are heightened, accentuated, and it’s becoming like no caramel you’ve ever had before. Unless you’ve previously tried Le Caramel caramel. But if you have, why are you even reading this? You should know, you absolutely must buy now!

Of course, there’s still the Caramel Syrup, perfect for coffees or just guzzling raw on the porch. And don’t worry, you can just eat salads for the rest of the month. It’ll even out eventually.

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Caramel Cream made with Salted Butter 14 ounces jar:

  • This rich caramel cream is a blend of butter, sugar, crème fraîche, and just a hint of salt to bring out the complex flavors. We follow a traditional recipe, cooking the caramel in a copper kettle imported from France so you can experience what the French have been raving about for decades!

Caramel Topping made with Salted Butter 14.5 ounce jar:

  • Caramel Topping has a creamy, fluid texture and a sweet, luxurious taste. We have added just a touch of salt to accentuate the intensity of the caramel. It makes an incomparable dessert topping that pours beautifully. It is ready to delight you straight from the jar – no need to warm it up or to refrigerate it!

Caramel Syrup 13 ounce bottle:

  • Caramel Syrup is caramel in its purest form! Sugar is slowly heated and patiently stirred until it reaches the ideal temperature and is transformed into beautiful caramel.


Caramel Cream made with Salted Butter 14 ounce jar
Caramel Topping made with Salted Butter 14.5 ounce jar
Caramel Syrup 13 ounce bottle

Winery Details

Le Caramel

Vincent and Christen Kugener
Santee, CA

Christen and Vincent have always had a passion for sweets. When the best caramel maker in France retired and offered to share his knowledge with them, they jumped on the occasion. Caramel being one of their all time favorite flavors, it was a no brainer for them. They could not let such a great tradition die.

Mastering the art of caramel was a year-long process. However the more they learned, the more passionate they became about caramel and the careful craftsmanship required to make the delicious and flavorful mixture.

Christen’s mother is American and the couple had always loved the United States and sunny San Diego in particular. They also knew that Americans did not have this great caramel and were sure that they would truly appreciate it.

After the birth of their first baby, they decided to relocate to California. They ordered the machines in France, packed their suitcases and moved to San Diego County where they created Le Caramel. Le Caramel is an American company that uses the traditional French “know-how” to create the best possible caramel you can find in the United States.

Le Caramel is passionate about its work and is dedicated to its craft. They use only top quality ingredients and patient workmanship when making the caramel. Every product from Le Caramel is made in small batches and cooked, jarred and labeled in their factory.

Le Caramel is the way caramel should taste!

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Le Caramel Three - Pack Sampler
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