JCB Mixed Sparkling Cremant de Bourgogne 4-Pack

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Numbers never lie. Except when they do!

Each JCB wine is named after a number possessing deep significance for Jean-Charles Boisset. We like that. We've been thinking about how we'd like to see more products named after special numbers.

  • The 48 Latte, whose name describes how many minutes you can expect to spend on the toilet after consumption.
  • The #25 Melted Butter Crop Duster, so named because it's only permitted in 25 United States.
  • The No. 3 Margarita, dubbed because after tres, you'll send an email you'll wish you hadn't.
  • The #13 Ford Focus, named after the number of recall notices you can expect to receive.
  • No. 1: A grapefruit spoon. Named after the number of uses you'll get out of it before throwing it in the back of a drawer.
  • #7: Bridal Gown. Number is significant because that's how many years you'll spend repressing your remorse before you finally explode.
  • 385 Pineapple Trebuchet. Named after the cost (in US dollars) of the windshield you'll have to replace.
  • 2002 Underwear. Named for the year of its purchase ... and still goin' strong!

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Delivered in time for New Years

JCB #21 Cremant de Bourgogne 750ml 2-Pack

Each JCB wine is known by a number. And each number has deep significance for Jean-Charles Boisset, the collection's creator and namesake. Jean-Charles' philosophy of wine has been profoundly shaped by the wine region where he was born and raised: Burgundy's famous Côte d'Or, which translates to the Gold Coast. No. 21 honors this connection and heritage, for 21 is the French government's "Department" number for the Côte d'Or.

For Jean-Charles Boisset, sparkling wine is not a special occasion beverage. It is a RADIANT moment in your otherwise typical day. While effortless to enjoy, our No. 21 Brut is nonetheless a bit MYSTERIOUS. Crisp and bracing, it also has the tiniest bit of LUMINOUS creaminess.

JCB #69 Cremant de Bourgogne Sparkling Rose 750ml 2-Pack

Each JCB wine is known by a number. And each number has deep significance for Jean-Charles Boisset, the collection's creator and namesake. Jean-Charles  was born in 1969, the year that mankind went to the moon. As such, 69 represents unlimited expression, freedom, creativity, intellectual revolution,  artistry, and refinement. Of course, 69 is also a rosé brut based exclusively
on pinot noir; a rosé that entwines masculinity and femininity.

For Jean-Charles Boisset, our dry rosé No. 69 sparkling wine is not a dainty pink thing. It's a FLAMBOYANT, profound mouthful of serious bubbles. The VIBRANT crispness of No. 69 is thirst quenching. Yet the flavors—evocative of pinot noir—are beautifully SENSUAL.


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JCB #21 Cremant de Bourgogne 750ml 2-Pack


  • Radiant
  • Mysterious
  • Luminous

Tasting Notes: The Pinot Noir and Chardonnay combine to produce a fresh, fruity nose with almond and white flower aromas. Full and generous in the mouth, N°21 epitomizes a lovely harmony between freshness and fruit.

  • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay
  • Region: Burgundy, France
  • Winemaking Notes: Traditional Method with a minimum ageing of 15 months.
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Sugar: 10 g/l.
  • Serving Temperature: Between 40° F and 45° F

JCB #69 Cremant de Bourgogne Sparkling Rose 750ml 2-Pack

Tasting Notes: N°69 is a seductively light and refreshing rosé. Vibrant aromas of raspberry and red currant evolve into aromatic jammy notes. This wine is tender in the mouth with crisp flavors.

  • Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
  • Region: Burgundy, France
  • Winemaking Notes: This rosé is made in the saigneé method by carrying out a short maceration of Pinot Noir from Burgundy’s côtes.
  • Alcohol: 12%
  • Residual Sugar: 12 g/l.
  • Acidity: 4.10 g/l.
  • Serving Temperature: Between 40° F and 45° F


Winery Details

JCB Winery

The Boisset Family

What if one could capture style and hold it in a bottle? What if heritage and promise could be entwined? What if personality— audacious, passionate, unique, subtle, mysterious—was revealed from one bottle to another by a Number, until it was all held within a limited collection of fine wines? The answer to these questions is JCB, a new way of thinking about wine…a new way of exploring taste and style.

Created by Jean-Charles Boisset, the innovative JCB Collection brings together two worlds of winemaking—Old and New. With the collection, Jean-Charles celebrates his French heritage while embracing his passion for California. Each wine in the collection is a limited edition, and is “named” with a number. These numbers signify a wine style that Jean-Charles strives to achieve vintage to vintage, while also symbolizing important ideas, passions and moments in his life and wine career.

Jean-Charles Boisset was born into a winemaking family in Burgundy, France, just a few hundred meters from Burgundy’s famed Clos Vougeot. Today, he is the proprietor, along with his sister, Nathalie, and parents Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset, of a collection of more than twenty historical and unique wineries that boast leading positions in the world’s pre-eminent terroirs, including Raymond Vineyards (Napa Valley); DeLoach Vineyards (Russian River Valley), Lyeth Estate and Buena Vista Winery (both in Sonoma County); Domaine de la Vougeraie, Bouchard Aîné and Jean-Claude Boisset (in Burgundy), J. Moreau (Chablis), and Louis Bouillot, Burgundy’s first producer of sparkling wine, among others.

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