Jason-Stephens Estate Mixed Reds 4-Pack

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Step 1: Extract

No, I’m not “drinking wine.” I’m making vases out of wine bottles. There’s a difference.

Like any craftsman, I must be meticulous in my work. For example, to transform these bottles of Jason-Stephens 2008 Estate Merlot and 2008 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon into vessels for fresh cut flowers, I must extract just the right amount of wine. Which is all of it. Leaving even a half-glass in any one of them could cause premature petal wilt-age in their soon-to-be floral tenants.

That being said, I guess I can understand why you’re so doubtful. Most crafts involve building, while mine is art by extraction. But there is no need to call into question my hard work simply because I am enjoying myself.

I mean, seriously. Do you expect me to just pour all of this wine down the drain? Would you blame the brick layer for biting into one of his bricks if it tasted of vanilla, dried goji berry, peppercorn, and mint like the Estate Merlot? Would you punish the jeweler who slipped the occasional bead into her mouth if it possessed the same delicious layers of mint and spice as the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon? No! So why must I receive your scorn for drinking the wine that is, essentially, in my way?

I’m glad I could help you realize all of the effort that I put into my work. Now, would you do me a favor and put this bottle in the recycling bin over there? It’s not yet vase-making season, really. That one was just practice.

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2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2-Pack

Jason Stephens Cabernet is sourced from the Estate in Santa Clara, and has layered and complex cassis and blackberry aromatics with eucalyptus and spice notes. Finishes with a long, vibrant and slightly meaty with powdery tannins.

Winemaker Notes: Deep garnet color. Dense compacted aromas of dried berries and cherries, peat, eucalyptus, chocolate nut fudge and black olive follow through on a rich entry to a fruity-yet-dry medium-full body with great depth and layers of mint and spice. Finishes with a long, vibrant and slightly meaty and olive-like fade with polished, powdery tannins. Tremendous character and style.

2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Merlot 750ml 2-Pack

Jason-Stephens’  Estate Merlot has a rich history. In the 1990s the vineyard was the cornerstone for one of the most successful Merlot brands at the peak of the Merlot market. With the loss of popularity of Merlot in the market and many growers removing their Merlot acreage, we maintained our stake in Merlot unwavering to market trends. Now as many producers have moved to the next trend, we believe we are on the forefront of helping restore the consumerslove for Merlot. Through careful automated sorting and modern winemaking techniques the truest  avors of the grapes  avors shine through in the glass.


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2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml 2-Pack

Jason-Stephens’ Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is the definitive expression of a balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. Our mission is to handcraft a consistent expression of our distinctive terroir, through a wine that is elegant, complex, and balanced. Our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is one that is balanced with fruit, structure, and acidity with a soft texture by using the best winemaking practices and equipment.

  • Vintage: 2008
  • Alcohol: 14.8%

2008 Jason-Stephens Estate Merlot 750ml 2-Pack

Tasting Notes: Dark, rich color is noticed upon the first drops hitting the base of the glass. The terrior’s aromas hit the nose with immediate identification of a rich,  flavorful Merlot. The dense mouthfeel is still silky smooth with velvety tannins. Concentrated fruit  avors are heightened with he slight sweetness. Fun to drink with or without a steak plate dinner.

  • Alcohol: 14.25%

Winery Details

Jason-Stephens Winery

Jason Goelz and Stephen Dorcich
Gilroy, CA
Persistence pays off. As a bootstrapped, grass-roots winery, Jason-Stephens has quickly grown into an up and coming label, and one of the best kept secrets in Northern California. Jason-Stephens has built a foundation of great wines and a unique personality. Our founders' passion for soft, elegant, and complex wines drives a relentless pursuit to improve our wines, vintage after vintage. Jason-Stephens believes in customer satisfaction, therefore our goal is to create complex wines that will satisfy all palates.
Jason Goelz had a dream of entering into the wine industry with great wines after his education at Cal Poly SLO and starting out as a small lot winemaker. After an exhaustive search for a vineyard with meticulous management and premium grapes, he started working with Dorcich Vineyards as winemaker, cellar manager, and sales manager. Initially, he consulted with Stephen Dorcich in managing the wines and sales of the wines to other high-end wineries in Napa and throughout California. The consulting arrangement established a strong vineyard manager/ winemaker relationship that is essential in crafting exceptional wines for Jason-Stephens.
Like an orchestra, Jason-Stephens' team works in harmony to create the best wines. The vineyard manager knows exactly what to do in the field to make the grapes perfect at harvest based on the desires of the winemaker. After harvest, the winemaker's role is to care for the grapes as they mature into superb wines. Today, the wines from this vineyard express unique wine qualities found in premium wines.
The rest of Jason-Stephens' success is attributed to family, friends, and most of all, our patrons. Without our discerning fans that enjoy our fine wines, Jason-Stephens would be nothing more than another California winery. Our wines are enjoyable now and for years to come. Our goal is to hand-craft top quality wines for you to share with friends and family.

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Jason-Stephens Estate Mixed Reds (4)
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