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Don’t worry, Commissioner. We’ll get the guy. I’ve got two of my best men on the Killer Case.

Daniels! Jameson! In my office NOW!

What’s going on with you two, huh? I’ve had you both on the McGillicuddy murder for two weeks now and what have you got for me? Nothing, that’s what. Not a suspect, not a clue, not one single solitary piece of evidence that points us in the direction of the killer except for those JanKris Paso Robles bottles you found at the scene.

So was our killer a winemaker? Maybe he was a wine dealer? Are you… are you two giggling? Listen, you two had better come up with something around those twelve bottles, boys. The mayor’s been breathing down my neck hard over this thing, and if you two can’t find something we can use, heads are gonna roll.

Now then, there’s three bottles each of two different types, right? Well let’s look at your notes for the JanKris 2011 Crossfire. “Merlot base followed by smatterings of Cab, Tempranillo, Petit Syrah, Syrah, and Grenache.” No help there, I guess.

How about the JanKris 2011 Riatta? Your notes say the wine unites the roundness of Merlot, the brightness of Sangiovese, the intense fruit of Zinfandel and subtle acidity of Tempranillo! Is this “fruit forward style and balanced finesse” some kind of code you two use? Sounds like one of those fancy wine tastings my wife is always tryin’ to get me to go to.

Seriously, you guys are killin’ me here. While I can appreciate that the Crossfire is “a traditional Bordeaux style blend enhanced by ripe Spanish varietals” as you’ve put it here, Jameson, I don’t see how “young enough to age well in your cellar, yet old enough to enjoy now” is something I can go to Mrs. McGillicuddy with to ease her pain and suffering!

I'm speechless. Fifteen years on the force and this is the first time I have been without words. It’s been two weeks and instead of a description of a suspect, you’ve given me wine notes. What have you got to say for yourselves?

Wait a second. Are your teeth stained, Jameson?! You too, Daniels?! Your badges and guns, hand them over now. You two are done, you understand me? Done!

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2011 JanKris Crossfire, Paso Robles 750ml 6-Pack

Truly the "world's blend" A Merlot base followed by smatterings of Cab, Tempranillo, Petit Syrah, Syrah, and Grenache. Young enough to age well in your cellar, yet old enough to enjoy now. So many things going on your mouth that you will marvel at the feel and the sensory overload your taste buds will succumb to. A little drier than Riatta and a little more sophisticated.

This wine illustrates the harmony of a traditional Bordeaux style blend enhanced by ripe Spanish varietals.  Each variety imparts an individual personality while remaining in perfect balance.

2011 JanKris Riatta, Paso Robles 750ml 6-Pack

Riatta is a signature blend that unites the roundness of Merlot, the brightness of Sangiovese, the intense fruit of Zinfandel and subtle acidity of Tempranillo, resulting in a beautifully balanced wine.

This exciting big red blend combines the four best red berries we grow. 65% Merlot creates the base in a smooth Bordeaux style. Sangiovese is added at 20% of the volume bringing a bright Italian flair to the wine. We take the fruit forward big taste of Paso Robles famous Zinfandel (10%) and finish the balance with the incredible Spanish varietal Tempranillo.

Each and every year this blend sells out the vintage, one sip and you'll know why. Easy drinking smooth and silky, tough not to finish the bottle.


Winery Retail Price: $240.00
Average Shipping:  $36.00
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Total MSRP:   $268.00

2011 JanKris Crossfire, Paso Robles 750ml 6-Pack

  • Alcohol: 13.3%

2011 JanKris Riatta, Paso Robles 750ml 6-Pack

  • Alcohol: 13.3%

Winery Details

Veris Cellars

Matthew Talbert
Paso Robles, CA

We are a family-owned winery specializing in artisan wines from our estate vineyards on the famed westside of Paso Robles on California’s Central Coast.  Here, we are blessed with a rare combination of limestone soils, sun-kissed hillsides and refreshing ocean breezes that cascade through the Templeton Gap, a notch in the coastal mountains. In our wines, you will taste the rare beauty and balance of this remarkable terroir.

Making wine is our craft, and sharing it is our passion, which is why we aim to offer an unparalleled tasting experience. Our historic tasting room is surrounded by extensive rose gardens and breathtaking vineyard views.

Veris Cellars was founded in 1990 as JanKris Winery and helped establish Paso Robles as one of California’s most dynamic wine regions. In early 2008, JanKris Winery was acquired by local entrepreneur and wine enthusiast Matthew Talbert, who immediately launched a new era under the new name of Veris Cellars.  Matthew initiated sweeping improvements in the winery’s visitor facilities, winemaking program and viticultural practices, with the goal of taking the Veris Cellars tradition to the next level. We invite you to experience our wines, gardens and hospitality in the heart of the Paso Robles wine country.

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JanKris Killer Case
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