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The Russian, the Brut and the Wedding

Napa Valley Private Eye P. Noir in: Farewell, My Cuvée.

The Iron Horse gang is back in town. That's going to go about as well for me as red wine with fish. All three siblings, too. The Russian. The Brut. And Jiminy “The Wedding” Cuvée, who earned his nickname after a habit of offing his business partners led to a string of bad “’till death do you part” jokes. I was one of those business partners.

I’d been hired for him by the Russian, Jiminy’s beautiful half-sister. I remember, with a real share of fondness, watching her walk through my door, thick through hips and lips in exactly the right way. Elegant, but with a presence; she damn near sparkled. I remember her perfume, too, and what it did to me … grapefruit and hazelnut. Her lips the shade of a ripe red apple, but if memory serves they tasted more like mandarin orange. And memory served just fine, perfectly aged and complimented by some poached shrimp with remoulade.

Anyways, she’d come on behalf of her brother, hiring me to find an allegedly missing three bottles of top shelf 2008s. I was to investigate the Woot Cellars, searching for them, and oh yeah, I was to bring her brother the Brut with me.

I remember the first time he walked into my office too, but not as fondly. He was a classic, old school heavy. He had the edge of a Pinot, the style of a Chardonnay, and a cork for brains. Grapefruit and toasted nuts for breakfast, violence and extortion for dinner. Nice hat, though. Fedora, with a fancier band than mine. Sonoma born and bred, just like his brother.

Which brings us back to Jiminy. For all his evil, he’s a vibrant guy. And rich. Brought up right, never wanting for anything. Probably never experienced a temperature below 62 or above 65 till he left his parents’ house to embark on a life of crime, and maybe not even then.

They were quite the family, and they had quite the scheme. They didn’t actually want me to find the three missing bottles, which of course they already had in their possession, being the owners of the vineyard it came from… they just wanted everyone to think it’d gone missing so they could drive up the price. And if some no-good shamus like me got corked looking for it in the Woot Cellars, well, that only made for a better story. I managed to slip their scheme, set them up against the mean old miser who owns the Cellars, and they ran for the hills.

But they’re back now. I should leave town. I should run for my worthless little life before the Brut stomps me like a grape. Hop on the 101 and head south, all the way out of wine country and into a bold new life free of hangovers and heavies. But that’s not what a detective does. No, I think instead I’ll just pay the Iron Horse Gang a visit. Find out what they want.

And maybe, just maybe, get another taste of mandarin oranges…

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In Time for New Year's Eve

2008 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut 750ml
The 2008 Classic Vintage Brut is perfectly named. It is a ‘classic’ blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and with three and a half years aging on the yeast in the bottle, it is 'vintage" in every sense of the word. Seamless from start to finish, both rich and elegantly sleek. By nose: grapefruit, toasted nuts, fresh bread, baked custard and tangerine. By mouth: tangerine, ginger, hazelnut with a long finish.
Classic Vintage Brut is a food lover that shines in the presence of all things spicy, salty or fried. Its classic partner would be a perfectly roasted chicken infused with flavors of fresh thyme and Meyer lemon. Eggs Benedict, lobster mac and cheese or French fries with truffle salt pair beautifully, while spicy tuna tartare makes for a sublime hors d'oeuvre.
2008 Iron Horse Russian Cuvée 750ml
Russian Cuvée commemorates the style of sparkling Iron Horse made for the historic Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meetings ending the Cold War. Although richer and fuller than the Classic Vintage Brut and the Brut X, the higher dosage doesn't come across as sweet, just more creamy.  By nose: grapefruit, ripe red apple and Hazelnut. By mouth: mandarin orange, ripe red apple and hazelnuts.
Although 2008 will be remembered for its erratic weather, the upside of the low crop allowed the winery to micromanage the harvest in each block resulting in a particularly expressive and elegant sparkling wine.
A perfect sipping wine, ideally paired with briny hors d'oeuvres such as smoked salmon on potato cakes, fresh oysters with mignonette or poached shrimp with remoulade sauce.
2008 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée 750ml
By nose nectarine, raspberry and hazelnut. In the mouth stone fruit, pink grapefruit; crisp yet gentle on the mouth. The vibrant, rich qualities make the Wedding Cuvée the perfect partner to a range of dishes.  Wedding Cuvée is Iron Horse's interpretation of a Blanc de Noirs. In blending this wine they choose Pinot Noir lots that are extremely expressive and fruit forward. Then in a decided step away from convention, they blend in a bit of steely Chardonnay to add a firm acid backbone.
Pairs well with a butter lettuce salad with bacon, gorgonzola and red apple, poached salmon with summer squash and hollandaise or a red and green peppercorn crusted pork tenderloin with fresh mint.


Vintner Voicemail
Joy from Iron Horse wishes you a Happy Winter Solstice and introduces some very special bubbles to toast the New Year.


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Average Shipping:  $18.00
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Total MSRP:   $135.09


2008 Iron Horse Classic Vintage Brut 750ml

  • Appellation: Green Valley of Russian River Valley
  • Blend: 72% Pinot Noir 28% Chardonnay
  • Alcohol: 13.5% v/v
  • Acidity: .8 g/100ml
  • Residual Sugar: .8 g/100ml
  • pH: 3.06
  • Malolactic Fermentation: None
  • Harvest Dates: August 15 - 29 2008
  • Date Bottled: July 2009
  • Release Date: Current disgorging, November 2012
  • Total Production: 2300 Cases


2008 Iron Horse Russian Cuvée 750ml

  • Appellation: Green Valley of Russian River Valley
  • Blend: 72% Pinot Noir 28% Chardonnay
  • Alcohol: 13.5% v/v
  • Acidity: .80 g/100ml
  • Residual Sugar: 1.1 g/100ml
  • pH: 3.06
  • Malolactic Fermentation: None
  • Barrels: 29% Barrel Fermented
  • Harvest Dates: August 30 - September 9, 2008
  • Date Bottled: July 2009
  • Release Date: Current disgorging, October 2012
  • Total Production: 800 Cases


2008 Iron Horse Wedding Cuvée 750ml

  • Appellation: Green Valley of Russian River Valley
  • Blend: 85% Pinot Noir 15% Chardonnay
  • Alcohol: 13.5% v/v
  • Acidity: .68 g/100ml
  • Residual Sugar: 0.39 g/100ml
  • pH: 3.26
  • Malolactic Fermentation: None
  • Barrels: None
  • Harvest Dates: August 19 - August 29 2008
  • Date Bottled: July 2009
  • Release Date: Current disgorging, June 2012
  • Total Production: 3600 Cases

Hand harvested in the chill of early morning, their Pinot Noir is gently pressed as whole clusters. The juice slowly ferments in stainless steel tanks at 62° to 65° f retaining bright fruit aromas and flavors in the wine. The dosage for the 2008 Wedding Cuvée is 2ml Blanc de Blancs LEX (100% Chardonnay), 2ml Special LEX, (50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir), 2ml 2010 Estate Pinot Noir and 27ml of a pre-fermentation maceration Pinot Noir picked at sparkling Brix 21, allowed to sit on the skins for color and bouquet.

Winery Details

Iron Horse

Audrey, Barry, Joy and Laurence Sterling
Sebastopol, CA

Iron Horse is one of Sonoma County's most prestigious, small, independent, estate, family owned wineries located in cool, foggy Green Valley. Iron Horse Sparkling Wines have been served at the White House for five consecutive presidential administrations, beginning with the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit Meeting in Geneva on November 20, 1985, which led to the end of the Cold War. Wine & Spirits Magazine has named Iron Horse Sparkling Winery of the Year nine times. From the beginning, Robert Parker has said, "These impressive Sparkling Wines...possess more texture and flavor than just about any sparkler I have tasted from California."


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