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Dolce Vita

You must be sooo careful when you say this name.

Look, we all know the “power elite” doesn’t care about average joes like you and me. We all know that the congresspeople and senators the presidents and the kings and queens, they have their own things goin’ on. As far as they’re concerned, we’re just one more resource to exploit. But you gotta give it to them, they sure know how to live.

So when we heard that the Hunt Country Vineyards 4 Pack is from the vineyard that brings ice wine to the White House and the United Nations, we knew we had a winner. Let’s face it, the dark forces looking to crush our freedoms absolutely aren’t going to be drinking something that tastes bad. You don’t get a second chance with these people. Ask that Ray McGovern guy. You give them bad wine, you’re o-u-t, out!

Now, give them something like the Hunt Country Vineyards Estate Bottled Finger Lakes 4 Pack and… well, that sort of thing, it opens doors. Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night to see a shadowed figure smoking at the end of your bed.

They liked the bottle of 2012 Late Harvest Vignoles, the mysterious agent whispers. That carefully controlled cold fermentation really created a seductively sweet white wine with vibrant citrus and exotic fruits. “Yes, it’s from a label that’s won a crapload of awards,” you answer back with fear in your voice, and his cruel smile reflects in the moonlight. It was ideal for the cherry pie, my friend. You will be rewarded. Don’t try to find me. This was all a dream. And then, gone, like a Batman made of smoke. But the next morning, there’s a bank error in your favor, and that loan goes through at a far more reasonable rate. And for the rest of your life, every vending machine drops an extra candy bar.

And what about the 2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine? Pair it with maple bread pudding, or maybe a pear tart, and have a little party. Your guests will be delighted, but then one of them will give you a strange look. Later, by the fireplace, he’ll take you aside and ask if you know “Rodrigo”. You’ll say no, he’ll sigh, then he’ll say he has no choice but to include you anyway, since you clearly just know too much. The next morning? You’ll wake up in some six star hotel on the edge of the moon, in a suite generally reserved for heads of state and famous people. A hotel kept secret from the riff-raff rabble of which you used to be a part.

Dessert is a sign of good breeding, a sign that you always have more than you need. The Hunt Country Vineyards 4 Pack forms a companion to that sign, and just owning these bottles will lift you to another level. Up there, everybody knows their wines.

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2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, 375ml

Our Vidal Blanc Ice Wine has been served at the United Nations, ordered by the White House and featured on NBC's Today. In the 1980s, Art and Joyce Hunt became the first major producers of genuine ice wine in the United States, and it remains our marquee wine today. Our specially-chosen Vidal Blanc grapes are left on the vine through the normal harvest period, allowing them to develop further complexity of flavors and sweetness. If the grapes are able to survive this period through successive cycles of frost, light freezing and Indian summer, we wait for a cold front that can deliver an extended period of 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, the water molecules that make up most of the grape freeze, but the rest (which provides the flavor) does not. We hand-pick the grapes at this temperature and press them frozen to produce a trickle of golden nectar. Slow fermentation at cool temperatures yields this rare and lusciously sweet wine that bursts with honey, apricot and exotic fruit flavors. Serve well chilled on its own, or with a wide variety of desserts, as a grand finale to a fine meal. A bottle serves approximately four 3-ounce glasses.

This lusciously sweet wine fills the mouth with flavors of apricot, raisin and honey, with a crisp finish of pineapple. Vidal Blanc Ice Wine pairs beautifully with fine appetizers like pâté de foie gras and a wide array of desserts -- fruit and nut tarts, cheesecake, ice cream, fresh fruit, crème caramel and chocolate mousse are just a few examples. Served well chilled, if possible in cordial glasses.

2012 Late Harvest Vignoles, 375ml

Our Late Harvest Vignoles is a seductively sweet after-dinner white wine in the Sauternes and Beerenauslese traditions that bursts with fresh citrus and exotic fruit flavors.  Enjoy with apple, pear or nut tarts, with bleu cheese, or all by itself.

The exceptionally hot 2012 growing season caused our vineyards to ripen 3 to 4 weeks earlier than their historical average.  When we harvested our Vignoles grapes on September 20th, we left unpicked one particular small block that had developed beautiful botrytis.  Four days later, we re-examined this block, found the grapes a touch sweeter, in great shape for a Late Harvest Vignoles, and so picked them.  Fermentation was especially brisk due to a high level of healthy nutrients in the juice, and so this 2012 vintage exhibits a beautiful crispness, with lively citrus notes balanced by natural sweetness and a full 12% alcohol.

In ideal ripening years we gamble by delaying harvest of our Vignoles grapes, hoping for late development of the noble fungus botrytis cinerea. Botrytis shrivels and desiccates the grapes on the vine, intensifying their natural sugars and flavors. After carefully controlled cold fermentation, the result is a seductively sweet white wine in the Sauternes and Beerenauslese traditions with vibrant citrus and exotic fruit notes.

Our Late Harvest Vignoles wines have won 17 Gold medals in prestigious competitions since 2004, and have been featured in FOOD&WINE magazine.   A bottle serves approximately six 2-ounce glasses.

Cream Sherry, 500ml

Relax after a long day's work with a glass of our Cream Sherry, a delicious blended wine with hints of raisins, nuts and caramel, and fortified with 100% grape brandy.  Enjoy a glass by itself, with sharp cheeses and desserts, or as an ingredient in soups, stews and sauces.  Serve at cool room temperature or lightly chilled.

Cream Sherry has been a Hunt family favorite for generations, a perfect drink for relaxation before or after a nice meal. The foundation of our Cream Sherry is a blend of Riesling, Cayuga White and Cabernet Franc wines.  We fortify the wine with pure grape distilled spirits to achieve the perfect balance between the flavors, sweetness and alcohol.  We then heat and bubble oxygen through the blend for a month or more to produce the beautiful "darker" flavors of raisin, nut and caramel.  Crucial to this step is our condenser coil that traps evaporating alcohol and returns it to the wine.

Ruby Port, 500 ml

Put your feet up after work or after dinner, sip our Ruby Port, and relax!  A personal favorite of our winemaker Jonathan Hunt, this wine features berry and plum notes and a long, smooth finish fortified with 100% grape brandy.  Enjoy a glass all by itself, or with chocolates, blue-veined cheeses and fine cigars.

Ports put a perfect signature on a great meal. Our hearty Ruby Port begins with a blend of wines from three French-American grape varieties -- DeChaunac, Corot Noir and Chambourcin -- known for their plum and cherry notes.  We then fortify the blend with pure grape brandy (distilled spirits) and sweeten it to bring all the flavors into perfect balance.  Serve at cool room temperature.


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2007 Vidal Blanc Ice Wine, 375ml

  • Varietal: 100% Vidal Blanc
  • Vineyard: Hunt Country Vineyards
  • Appellation: Finger Lakes
  • Brix at Harvest: 43°
  • Fermentation: In stainless steel at 50°F.
  • pH: 3.8
  • Total Acidity: 9.9 g/L
  • Alcohol: 10.5% by volume
  • Residual Sugar: 26%
  • Bottled: June 23, 2010
  • Bottle/closure: Cobalt blue 375mL with natural cork
  • Production: 932 cases (estate-bottled)

2012 Late Harvest Vignoles, 375ml

  • Varietal: Vignoles
  • Appellation: Finger Lakes
  • Harvest Date: Sep. 24, 2012
  • Sugar: 28 deg. Brix at harvest
  • Total Acidity: 9.1 g/L
  • pH: 3.45
  • Aging: Stainless steel
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel
  • Bottling Date: July 30, 2013
  • Residual Sugar: 7%
  • Alcohol: 12%

Cream Sherry, 500ml

  • Appellation: Finger Lakes
  • Total Acidity: 5.0 g/L
  • pH: 3.1
  • Bottling Date: Dec. 4, 2013
  • Residual Sugar: 14%
  • Alcohol: 18%

Ruby Port, 500 ml

  • Appellation: Finger Lakes
  • Total Acidity: 7.1 g/L
  • pH: 3.5
  • Aging: Stainless steel
  • Fermentation: Stainless steel
  • Bottling Date: Sep. 13, 2012
  • Residual Sugar: 12%
  • Alcohol: 20%

Winery Details

Hunt Country

Art & Joyce Hunt
Branchport, NY

Hunt Country Vineyards is a family farm and winery in the heart of New York’s celebrated Finger Lakes wine region.   The farm's 172 acres have been home to the Hunt family for six generations.

Hunt Country Vineyards first achieved national attention in the 1990s as a pioneering producer of Vidal Blanc Ice Wine.  This delectable wine has been served at the United Nations, ordered by the White House and featured on NBC's Today Show.

On our 50 acres of vineyards overlooking the Keuka valley, we now grow 13 varieties of cool-climate grapes using sustainable agricultural practices. We produce over 20 rare and distinctive wine varieties, from traditional dry vinifera (European) and French-American varietals, to complex and intense late harvest, sherry and port wines.

We employ ten people full-time and about 30 more on a seasonal or part-time basis.  Our friendly staff greets about 50,000 visitors annually.

Hunt Country Vineyards has garnered over 60 major awards in prestigious competitions since 2006.  In 2011, the winery will celebrate its 30th Anniversary with new wines, tastings and events.  Please join the celebration!

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