Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile in Canvas Bag

This is a fabulous tile made of Himalayan Salt that can actually be used for enhancing the taste of hot or cold foods.

  • 100% Himalayan Salt
  • Kitchen Himalayan Salt Slab
  • Canvas bag with handles
  • Kosher and Vegan certified

For Cold Foods: Place salt crystal tile in the refrigerator for one hour to chill. The tile will retain its temperature for 2-3 hours. When chilled you can serve salads, fruits, vegetables, sushi and desserts.

For Hot Foods: Place salt tile in oven or grill at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Once the tile is hot, place meat on it and put it back in the oven or on grill. The tile will cook, sear, and season your steak, lamb, fish, shrimp, etc at the same time.

To Clean: Simply wipe the salt tile with a towel. No additional cleaning is required, since the salt tile is antiseptic and antibacterial. Salt tile can be used many times over and over.


Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 1 1/2"

In the box:

(1) Himalayan Salt Cooking Tray in Canvas Bag

Winery Details

Designed 4 Life

Tariq Sohail
Long Beach, CA
Designed 4 Life, LLC is owned and operated by Pakistani born, Tariq Sohail. With his family ties back home and business ties to the government owned salt mines. Tariq is able to acquire the best quality pieces at the best prices because Designed 4 Life and our parent company WBM International lease the rights to mine in the Himalayan Mountains. With these rights we are able to acquire the best salt that contains more of the minerals that make this salt the healthiest salt on earth. With our leasing rights come monthly inspections that require us to meet all the health and cleanliness required to hold all the certifications that we currently have, Kosher, Vegan, Halal.
Approximately forty four million years ago two continents collided, Eurasia and an Indian Subcontinent, prior to this collision the region was occupied by the Tethys Sea. As a new land formed, now known as the Himalayan Mountains, the Tethys Sea left behind salt deposits that formed into some of the major structures in the Himalayas that are standing today. As molten rock protected these structures it protected the Himalayan salt from the Earth’s pollutions and harsh chemicals. Keeping the salt absolutely pure and in its natural origin. This makes our Himalayan Pink Salt products 100% all natural and never processed.
Our Salt has been acknowledged by Doctors, such as Dr. Oz, used in recipes in some of the most popular and successful diet and exercise programs such as, P.I.N.K. Method, & by alternative therapists worldwide.



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Himalayan Salt Cooking Tile & Canvas Bag
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