Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir 6-Pack

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As delicious as the subtle poetry of SNES farm-RPG dialogue.

“Friday, 24th of Autumn. It’s 4 o’clock now. Money         11520G”

“I hear wild dogs sometimes come around here. It’s dangerous to keep fences broken.” 

“Are you serious?”


“Wow. This farm has really GONE TO THE DOGS, am I right sweetie?


“Eesh, I need a drink. Would you mind pouring me a glass of Harvest Moon Pinot?”

“I won’t play with machines for the time being. I’m going to stay at home.”

“I think you’ve been staying home a little too much. You just stand in the middle of the bedroom all day, arms crossed across your calico dress, waiting for me to return with food from the farm.”

“The shop is closed because today is….....Saturday.”

“Avoiding the issue, huh? OK. Where is the wine…I could have sworn it was around here somewhere.”

“It’s kind of disappointing when the weather is not good on Saturday.”

“Jeez. Sounds like I’m not the only one who needs a drink. Where is the Harvest Moon wine, sweetie?”


“Did you drink it all while I was out milking the cows this morning? Or when I was breaking apart rocks in the field yesterday?”


“I think you need help. Here. Drink this full bucket of cow milk”

“Thanks, sweetie! That was delicious!”

“I have to admit, I’m worried about the crops this year. Also, whether this b-side video game has enough cultural traction to justify the homage.”


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(6) -  2013 Harvest Moon Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, 750ml
2013 Harvest Moon Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley
We make Pinot after the French style. I fell in love with 11 and 12% alcohol Burgundies from a local wine shop here in Sonoma County ultimately defining my approach to this noble variatel. My philosophy when crafting Pinot Noir, is that we are not re-creating the wheel. There have been many, many generations of winemakers chasing after this elusive, challenging varietal, so naturally I wanted follow in their footsteps of making elegant Pinot in the context of Russian River Valley climate and soil.
In my opinion, Russian River Valley Pinot Noir has become quite uniform in aromas and flavors and too many of our neighbors are growing essentially the same clones, harvesting around the same time and using more or less the same oak regiment. This is creating confusion and homogeneity within the world of Pinot Noir. Sounds boring doesn't it?!
This delicate approach to Russian River Valley Pinot Noir is exemplified with a soft red cherry earthy forest floor feel and delicious juicy finish.
Winemaker Notes: Our approach to Pinot Noir is one of non-interventionist. We pick our Pinot Noir clusters plump with no raisening or dimpling bringing it to the crash pad early in the morning to preserve the freshness. The fruit for this blend comes from two tiny vineyards grown by Randy and his three guys. Protected by dry ice, the clusters are carefully crushed destemmed and put into an oxygen-deficient environment as soon as possible. This assists in keeping the volatile acidity in check for the ten-month aging in mostly neutral, mature oak casks. We bottle this wine unfiltered and unfined.


  • Style: Burgundian
  • Appellation: Russian River Valley
  • Varietal: Pinot Noir
  • Pairing: Your back yard
  • Alcohol: 13.00%
  • Bottled: 2015-08-02
  • Drinkable: Now till 2020
  • Harvest Date: 2013-09-02
  • Harvest Brix: 22.8°
  • Residual Sugar: Dry
  • Cooperage Notes: 15% French oak
  • Production: 350 cases

Winery Details

Harvest Moon Estate &  Winery

The Pitts Family
Santa Rosa, CA
The Harvest Moon: the moon at and about the period of fullness that is nearest to the autumnal equinox.  In the legend of the Harvest moon, it is said that all full moons have their own special characteristics based primarily on the whereabouts of the ecliptic in the sky at the time of year that these moons are visible.
Harvest Moon Estate and Winery was founded on growing, producing and bottling world-class Russian River Valley wine in a balanced, elegant style. Our premise is that Russian River Valley Zinfandel can be just as layered and complex as any Pinot Noir or Bordeaux variety in the world and receive the same respect.  The Pitts family has grown quality grapes in the Russian River Valley since 1976. In 2000, son Randy reverse migrated from San Francisco back to Sonoma County to assume the farming responsibilities at the family's modest nine-acre ranch. In conjunction with lessons on farming by his Dad and a few viticulture/enology courses at the local junior college, Randy made a barrel of homemade Zinfandel off the ranch's back block which turned out exceptionally tasty. Quickly concluding that properly farmed and judiciously fermented, Zinfandel has great capabilities of being California's own wine nobility.  The growers-turned winemakers birthed their inaugural vintage in 2002 and look forward to making their Zinprint on the winescene for decades to come. 
In addition to growing Zinfandel, Harvest Moon also hand crafts small amounts of Russian River Valley Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Dry Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Harvest Moon Russian River Valley Pinot Noir (6)
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