Geyser Peak Winery Sonoma County 2007 Sparkling Shiraz 3-Pack

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Oooh, Shiny

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it's a deep red.

The name's Ida Finkelstein-Brown, but my friends all call me Spawkles. You can too if you play your cards right, Toots.

Why Spawkles? I suppose it's on account of all my shiny bips and bops. If it catches light and reflects it, I gotta have it.

Take, for instance, this Spawkling Shirazy here. They say the deep garnet red color produces a richly colored mousse foam on the surface and the aromas of pepper, berries and vanilla add complexity and intrigue. But I don't know nothin' 'bout all of that.

What I do know is that I look fabulous holding a glass of it while wearing my bedazzled jean jacket. You see the face in sequins on the back right there? That's an homage to the beautiful and talented Barbara Streisand. Love you, Babs.

Still, I do enjoy the way it tastes. The bubbly, not the jacket. It's got a wonderfully soft, creamy texture. Kinda reminds me of that pink cream soda, only much fancier. And speaking of bubbly, it's like a regular bubble party in there. Look what happens when I pour some in the glass. First the fizz and then POP! POP! POP! Now how do ya like that?

Anyway, I gotta go. I hear they got some purple glitter Crocs down at the market. I gotta get there before all the Bridge ladies snatch them all up.

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Delivered in Time for Valentine's Day


2007 Sparkling Shiraz Block Collection, Sonoma County 750ml 3-Pack

The wine’s color is a deep, garnet red, over which the richly colored mousse or foam on the surface of the wine shows beautifully. Aromas of pepper and spice fill the nose, with elements of blueberry, blackberry and vanilla adding complexity and intrigue. The palate opens with a total explosion of bubbles. Rich fruit flavors and more blackberry are followed by a wonderfully creamy texture of soft, round tannins and a long, long finish.

Sparkling red wines made using the true méthode Champenoise process are a unique Australian style of wine. These wines are held in high regard in Australia, with the most prestigious wines commanding high prices and cult followings. Local lore in Australia holds that a liking for sparkling red wines was brought back from France after World War I, when Diggers (Australian soldiers) stationed in Champagne developed a taste for Bouzy Rouge. Whether apocryphal or not, it is known that sparkling Burgundy was first produced in France in 1820, and was the first sparkling wine to be created after Champagne.

Sparkling Shiraz now has an avid following throughout Australia, and is, for many families, an essential element of holiday celebrations, when they are a near-ubiquitous apéritif and a traditional accompaniment to roast turkey and cranberry sauce. The wine is also an ideal accompaniment to game, such as pheasant, squab and venison, and works well with richly flavored mature cheddar and blue cheeses.

Vintner Voicemail
Winemaker Ondine Chattan shares some great insight into what makes this sparkling Shiraz so special. Listening to this Vintner Voicemail is highly recommended!


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  • Appellation: Sonoma County
  • Grape Variety: 100% Shiraz
  • Storage/Type: 100% American Oak, 100% three and four year old  oak
  • Maturation Time: On lees, 22 months
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
The 2007 Sparkling Shiraz is made from a small selection of our reserve lots of hillside Sonoma County fruit. The blend was barrel aged for 15 months in combination of three and four year-old seasoned American oak barrels, to gain maturation effect, rather than oak character.
The blend was then put down on tirage to undergo a secondary fermentation. In the traditional French manner, a small amount of sugar and yeast are added to the wine prior to bottling. The subsequent fermentation in the bottle produces the natural carbon dioxide bubble in the wine. The wine was then left on its yeast lees for twenty two months. During this time, the carbon dioxide in the wine becomes progressively integrated and has the effect of producing the tiny bubbles and fine bead seen in the glass. The lees contact also adds to the creamy texture on the palate and retention of the mousse.



Winery Details

Geyser Peak Winery

Accolade Wines
Geyserville, CA
One of California’s oldest and most award-winning wineries, Geyser Peak was founded in 1880, a pioneer of the Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. Perched on a hillside across from Geyser Peak Mountain, this beautiful setting overlooks Geyserville, the Russian River and the northern end of Alexander Valley.  A long heritage of winemaking with a relatively recent resurgence, Geyser Peak Winery's roots in Sonoma County winemaking run deep. Founded by Augustus Quitzow, one of Sonoma County's pioneer winemakers, the original winery was built in Geyserville in 1882 and claimed a view of the clouds of thermal steam that billowed from Geyser Peak Mountain's summit.
Today, Geyser Peak is one of the most award-winning wineries in Sonoma County.  It consistently garners some of the most prestigious awards in winemaking, including Winery of the Year and Winemaker of the Year honors. Its outstanding team of winemakers and viticulturalists are noted for fruit-forward, food-friendly wines from prime vineyard sources in the Alexander Valley.



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Geyser Peak Winery Sparkling Shiraz
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