French Bordeaux 4-Pack

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Party of Four

There are a lot of bottles in the cellar, my friend. Sooner or later, you'll find that special one.

I can't believe you are so hung up on that last wine you were with, girl. Didn't you notice how that harsh palate of his drove your friends away? And don't even get me started on his aroma. All I'm gonna say is that I've been with rubbing alcohols that smelled sweeter than that, honey, and that's real talk.

I'm telling you, this double date is going to be good for you. I mean, look at us. We're a couple of young, fresh bottles of 2004 Tour Blanche Cru Bourgeois du Medoc. Why do you want to waste your strong tannic structure on someone like that? I mean, if you want bland and easy, I'm sure there are more than a few boxed wines who'd like to get their hands on your terrior, but don't you think your dark fruit flavors with notes of leather and cigar are better than that?

Nervous? Aw, there's nothing to be worried about. You're going to love your date, I swear. You've met my 2004 Chateau Guerry Cotes de Bourg, right? Well, his friend is so much like him, you'd think they came in a 2-pack or something. And what's more, he's got the structure of cabernet and malbec that those other wines you've dated have lacked, not to mention the cutest bright blue fruit flavors! Just trust me, you'll be...

Oh! That must be them. Now then, deep breaths, and don't let me catch you talking about your ex tonight, okay? Oh, and straighten your label, honey, you don't want him to think you're cheap.

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2004 Chateau Guerry Cotes de Bourg 750ml 2-Pack

This vineyard is owned by Bernard Magrez, a French wine magnate who owns 35 vineyards and wineries around the world.  The 2004 is a blend of 50% merlot, 20% malbec, 15% cabernet sauvignon and 15% cabernet Franc. The merlot is bright with blue fruits and combines with a structure of  the cabernets and inky malbec. A wonderful wine that will hold until 2017.

2004 Tour Blanche Cru Bourgeois du Medoc 750ml 2-Pack

This blend of Merlot (62%), Cabernet Sauvignon (25%) and Cabernet Franc (13%) is aged 19 months in French and Slovenian oak. Dark fruit flavors with a strong tannic structure make this wine seem young and fresh. Notes of leather and cigar combine with a lightness that dances on the tongue. Bordeaux lovers will love this wine for its correctness and terroir.

Vintner Voicemail
Greg Martellotto provides knowledge on the owner of the winery and in depth tasting profiles for these two terroir driven Bordeaux's.


2004 Chateau Guerry Cotes de Bourg 750ml 2-Pack

  • Alcohol: 13%

Cotes de Bourg is on the right bank of the Gironde estuary. The Romans conquered this area and planted the first Vitis Biturica wine plants, ancestors of the cabernet, near the middle of the 1st century BC. As early as the 12th century, this region was known as "the first godchild of Bordeaux." 

The south facing vineyard is on a steep hillside planted to Merlot, Cabernet, and Cab. Franc. With an average age of 38 years. The soils are white gravel at the top and red clay and limestone halfway down the hill.



2004 Tour Blanche Cru Bourgeois du Medoc 750ml 2-Pack

  • Alcohol: 13.5%

A medieval fort that protected the estate from Norse invaders stands guard at this historic property. Gravelly soils make up the vineyard that overlooks the Girone estuary on the Garonne river. The average age of the vines are over 30-years-old. Well-known for best in class Sauternes, the winery makes a Bordeaux blended red wine that is very good in most vintages and spectacular in some.  Couched between two historic Bordeaux vintages in 2000 and 2005, the 2004 is considered a classic vintage. 2004 was a cool, late vintage in which the Cabernet of the region ripened very well. 

Winery Details

One Vine Wines

Greg Martellotto
Poway, CA

Martellotto Wines began in a 17th century trullo, an iconic house in Alberobello (the place of pretty trees) in southern Italy. Uniquely constructed without mortar, topped with slate roofs, and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, the trullo is the recessed image in the 2006 vintage front labels. Greg Martellotto’s family has been making wine for generations, and his grandfather brought traditional winemaking practices to the U.S. when he immigrated to Ellis Island in 1909. Greg’s unique skill set includes: winemaking experience in California, Italy and Mexico, launching several wine brands, building a successful import/distribution company and developing long-term relationships with growers, winery owners, and clients. Greg’s intention is to make remarkable wines of consequence, consistency, value, and varietal expression. A vineyard first philosophy focuses efforts on farming (including biodynamic and sustainable agriculture) with gentle handling in the winery and minimal intervention. Martellotto wines are allocated, vineyard designate wines that are a pleasure to share.


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French Bordeaux 4-Pack
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