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Drinking Buddies

True thing: The average person unknowingly swallows 8 James Mays in their lifetime.

Just when you thought it was safe to go to another party, there he is once again. Yes, it’s Oz Clarke, the authentic Brit and affable wine guy. He’s headed your way, and you know he’s gonna ask you about the gorgeous DuNah blends you’ve been swilling.

What will he say? Oh, dear. He's going to want to know about flavor profiles. He’ll ask about aromas. He’ll badger you about balance. He’ll probe you about the palate.

How will you respond? You’re not ready to take on TV’s Oz Clarke again. Sure, he’s likable, but intimidating nonetheless. This is a man who knows his vino.

You begin to panic. He says hello. You greet him. Then, The Question:

“What do you think of the wine?”

What can you tell this completely hypothetical and hopefully not litigious version of Mr. Clarke? Obviously, you know YOU enjoy the DuNah red blend, but how can you craft a series of sentences that sound appropriately wine-savvy?

The last time this happened, you were visited by a 6-inch high James May, who whispered all the right things into your ear for you to recite out loud. But Tiny James May is nowhere to be found this time around. You’re on your own.

“Uh, it’s … good.” Feeble.

“How’s the tannin/acid balance in that 2005 blend?”

“It’s … yeah, fine.” This is getting worse.

“And the mouthfeel?”

“Well, I guess it was kind of strong.”

“Was it? Could that be because you just DRANK MY DEAR FRIEND JAMES MAY, YOU MONSTER??”

It’s gonna be a while before you’re invited to another party, probably. But the wine was great.

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2005 DuNah Vineyard & Winery Red Wine Montre Syrah / Sangiovese Mendocino 750ml 2-Pack

This is a delightful three vineyard blend of predominantly Syrah and Sangiovese with small amounts of old-vine Carignane and Gewurztraminer. 2 1/2 years in the barrel!

Color: deep, dark and purple.

Aromas: Leap out of the glass even as it is being poured. The fruit profile on the nose is one of red fruits, especially and profoundly berry and cherry, speaking directly to the Sangiovese component.

Palate: The predominant Syrah provides the backbone. The Sangiovese provides the fruit, the Carignane the cocoa and spice, and the Gewurztraminer comes through with a civilizing hint which smoothes out the tastes. The palate has surprising power, building after a rich, fairly soft entry, rising in textural and tactile sensation to a layered, mouth-coating finish of chocolate-covered cherries and caramel/toffee with hints of coffee on the late finish. The acid and tannin balance are perfect throughout, and should remain so for years.

2006 DuNah Vineyard & Winery Red Wine Montre Syrah / Sangiovese Mendocino 750ml 2-Pack

Ripe and darker-berry/cherry fruit greet the nose, with hints of boysenberry leather and fresh blueberries being slowly rendered down on the stove. The palate enters with a more Sangiovese-driven cherry greeting and fine-grained tannins reaching out to meet the firm acidity. Syrah takes over the mid-to-late palate with a deeply layered, almost caramelized richness that moves back to the dark fruit seen in the aromas. The finish is one again of a new marriage of tannin and acid, giving a mouth-watering impression of another great marriage: this wine with rich, flavorsome foods!

Vintner Voicemail
Rick DuNah shares another great wine - and explains why he includes Gewurztraminer in the blend.


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Average Shipping:  $20.00
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Total MSRP:   $155.00

These wines originated from three vineyards, two in Mendocino County and one in the Russian River Valley Appellation. Hence, the Danish word Tre (English – three. The name DuNah is of Danish origin.) In decreasing percentages the wine is composed of Syrah, Sangiovese, Carignane, and a tad of Gewurztraminer (for civility).

The deep, dark, and purple color associates with aromas of black fruits, a black cherry core with a frame of smoked meats, fresh roasted coffee beans and cedar box around the edges. Very slight hints of cocoa powder, black pepper and Asian spices develop as the wine aerates in the glass. The Syrah provides the backbone and roast meat quality, the Sangiovese the fruit, the old-vine dry farmed Carignane the cocoa and spice, and the Gewurz for smoothness.

Flavors enhance the larger-than-life structure with broad, powerful yet spreading (rather than attacking) tannins that balance well against the deep, dark fruit and well-placed acid balance. Late palate echoes the chocolate seen on the nose, with a distinct impression of red cherries left in the mouth . . . long after the wine is gone.

These wines were 2-1/2 years in the barrel to fit it into the elegant DuNah style.

2005 DuNah Vineyard & Winery Red Wine Montre Syrah / Sangiovese Mendocino 750ml 2-Pack

  • Winemaker : Greg La Follette
  • Alcohol: 14%
  • Food Pairings: Excellent with meat and chocolate

2006 DuNah Vineyard & Winery Red Wine Montre Syrah / Sangiovese Mendocino 750ml 2-Pack

  • Winemaker : Greg La Follette
  • Alcohol: 14.1% 

Winery Details

DuNah Vineyard & Winery

Rick & Dianne DuNah
Russian River/Sebastopol, CA

DuNah Vineyard & Winery lies in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley near the small country town of Sebastopol, surrounded by nature’s ideal climate for grapes, mixing the seasonal sun, cool evenings and fresh ocean breezes with the Goldridge soil and carefully selected clones – all garnished with the valley’s characteristic fog.

Our vineyards are sustainably farmed.

Our winemaking techniques are traditional. With the addition of our care and stewardship as winegrowers and winemakers, we handcraft our limited production offerings of Pinot Noirs, Chardonnays, and other wines for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Rick & Diane DuNah founders and owners, are retired from their electronic component manufacturing company, which they founded and managed for 25 years. To complement their love of the land, they have brought their product quality training, discipline, and work ethic to their vineyard and winery operations. Rick has a Chemical Engineering education, and Diane’s is in Business Administration. They both furthered their formal and practical studies in viticulture and winemaking and manage their vineyard and winery.

Greg La Follette winemaker, is a UC Davis educated microbiologist transposed to the grape and wine industry. He is recognized worldwide as a maker and award winner for some of the finest Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines being made and enjoyed...anywhere. In addition, he is a winery designer with strong interest in utilizing energy efficient, non-intrusive wine production techniques.

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