Paul Dolan Wines Deep Red Mendocino Blend Mini-Vertical 2-Pack

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Super Senses

So you're experiencing explosions of color and flavor? It could be a rare neurological disorder, or it could just be really good wine.

"I don't mean to brag, but this Deep Red Mendocino Blend tastes way better to me than it ever will to you."

Oh, yeah? Why's that?

"Because I have synesthesia."

Get out! That's cool. So what's it like?

"Well, for instance, whereas you can probably only smell the ripe, round fruit aromas, I can actually TASTE them."

Um, no, I can taste them too.

"And you know how most people can't tell that this is a deep color of red fruit…"

Actually, I think that's pretty obvious for anyone who is not color blind… or just blind.

"Yeah, but you can't see it as CLEARLY as I can see it. I mean, this is a really deep red."

Uh huh.

"Oh, and you know how this one has layers of spice and earth, well, I can actually SMELL that spice."

Right. So, yeah… I don't think you actually know what synesthesia is. It's like when you can taste colors and see music.

"You mean like the pink elephant in the tutu that's playing the calliope over there in the corner?"

So, totally random question not related to this conversation whatsoever… have you had a psych consult recently? Cuz I know a guy.

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2007 Deep Red Mendocino Blend, Biodynamic 750ml

Deep Red has ripe, round, red fruit aromas and deep flavors with complex earthy spice notes. When you stand in their vineyard and taste this wine, you know its home. As Biodynamic farmers, Paul Dolan Vineyards’ passion and mission is to create and support a healthy, vibrant environment for their grapes to fully express themselves. And when maturity is reached, the grapes from this site uniquely express this place ... their home ... Paul Dolan Vineyards' home.

  • 91 POINTS - Tina Caputo,  "A terrific wine with a smooth, silky texture and good structure."

2008 Deep Red Mendocino Blend, Biodynamic 750ml

The 2008 Deep Red has an inviting nose of ripe red fruit and flavors of dark red fruit with layers of spice and earth- bold yet balanced with a substantial finish.

Vintner Voicemail
Spencer Brewer of Paul Dolan Vineyards shares that these deep and aromatic wines are the best that they make – enjoy!


Winery Retail Price:       $90.00
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Total MSRP:                $100.20


2007 Deep Red Mendocino Blend, Biodynamic 750ml

  • Blend: 41% Syrah, 39% Petite Sirah, 15% Grenache, 5% Zin
  • Vineyards: 100% Dark Horse Vineyards, Mendocino County
  • Cooperage: aged 21 months in 24% new American oak,29% one year old American oak, and 47% seasoned oak barrels
  • Alcohol: 15.5% by volume
  • TA: 0.52g/100ml
  • pH: 3.84
  • Date Bottled: September 2009
  • Cases Bottled: 786
  • Certification: 100% made with Biodynamic grapes, Demeter Certified

Paul Dolan vineyard soils are Deep Red, and consequently so is this wine. The deep, rich, iron-laced volcanic soils contribute to the expression of the ego of this place...the unique expression of a carefully-nurtured piece of land, made manifest in each bottle. To this end, Paul Dolan Vineyards does without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Their intention is to treat the soil and all they grow on it as a living, life-giving system. From natural composts, colorful cover crops and lively insectary areas to owl boxes, mobile chicken coops, pasture animals and family garden, their farming practices create special wines, and sustain the land for generations to come.


2008 Deep Red Mendocino Blend, Biodynamic 750ml

  • Varietals: 37% Petite Sirah, 30% Primitivo, 28% Syrah, 5% Grenache
  • Vineyards: 100% Dark Horse Vineyards, Mendocino County
  • Alcohol: 15.0%
  • TA: 0.51G/100ML
  • pH: 3.79
  • Date Bottled: June 2010
  • Cases Bottled: 410
  • Certification: 100% Made with Biodynamic Grapes, demeter certified


Winery Details

Paul Dolan Vineyards

Mendocino Wine Company
Mendocino County, CA
Premium Organic and Biodynamic Wines
Organic grape growing and wine making are approached as a partnership with nature instead of an exploitation of the land. This takes patience, requiring more time in the vineyard. There are no short cuts or quick fixes with organic farming, but the care invested creates healthy soil, balanced grapes, and elegant wines that are expressive of place.


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