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Music would have us believe that summer is a time to lounge in hammocks and fall in love.

The music is a lie.

In reality, summer is terrible. It’s hot. It’s bright. It’s sticky.

Sweat manifests in places you never imagined. Love is the last thing on your mind.

If there’s anything good to be said for summer, it’s the opportunity [excuse] to enjoy some terrific white wines. Take today’s offer: A lineup of five sexy White Rhones. Inspired by the South of France; perfected in El Dorado.

Stand in front of the fan, strip off the damp clothing, and immerse yourself in a cacophony of balanced acidity, crispness and complexity. It almost makes the sweat worthwhile.

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2011 Coda Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

Tropical fruits with hints of papaya, guava, and waxed flowers. A slight pepper to the aromas and a bit of green tea leaves. This vintage is expansive on the palate. A wine known for its bright and defined acidity. Citrus and grapefruit skins are still present, but evolve into mineral complexities.

2011 Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

Beautiful combination of cardamom, vanilla bean, and lemon zest. Some sun dried straw nuances. Savory pear and honey notes linger in a full mouthfeel with subtle, but juicy complexity. Excellent with shellfish and cured meats.

2011 Viognier Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

A racy blend in this vintage. Bright acidity brings a lemon zest quality to this full bodied blend. A very cool year brings about citrusy qualities that melt in your mouth and last well through the finish. This year’s blend is light on its feet with a gorgeous texture that is reminiscent of the unique vintage.

2012 Grenache Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

This is a beautiful stand alone varietal. The inherent acidity is bright and focused, while it opens up to complexities of lemony lime, cantaloupe rind, pine-apple, and spicy ginger. The textural components are layered with crushed stones and minerality.

2013 Rosé of Grenache, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

Our first-ever offering of a purely Grenache dry rosé, this wine is also among the first releases from winemaker Grayson Hartley. Despite low-yielding vineyards, we reveled in an abundance of Grenache in the 2013 vintage; this allowed us to consider new possibilities for the grapes. In mid September about 3.5 tons were harvested from the same block which makes our red Grenache, de-stemmed, lightly crushed, and soaked on the skins for about 48 hours. This must was then pressed, settled, and fermented in a stainless steel tank chilled to about 52F to preserve fruity, estery aromas. Before fermentation, 2 neutral barrels were filled (about 100 gallons of 480 total), and the barreled wine underwent both primary and malolactic fermentation before being added back to the non-malolactic tank. This small percentage adds a rounder, creamy edge to the crisp fruit core of the wine. Marked by an essence of strawberry that is hallmark Grenache — think seeds and flowers, not jam — the wine is endlessly versatile in pairings, but might be best enjoyed as its own “first course”.


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2011 Coda Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

  • Composition:  41% Roussanne, 33% Marsanne, 13% Grenache Blanc, 12% Rolle, 1% Viognier
  • Appellation:  El Dorado
  • Vineyard: DGV Estate
  • Harvest Brix: 21.8
  • Alcohol: 13.9%
  • Residual Sugar: Less than .01%
  • T.A.: 3.42
  • pH: 6.12 g/l
  • Stainless steel fermented
  • Production: 469 cases

2011 Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

  • Composition: 75% Roussanne, 17% Marsanne, 8% Grenache Blanc
  • Appellation: El Dorado
  • Vineyard: DGV Estate
  • Harvest Brix:  21.8
  • Alcohol: 13.9%
  • Residual Sugar:  < 0.1 %
  • T.A.:  5.4 g/L
  • pH:  3.41
  • Production: 559 cases

2011 Viognier Roussanne, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

  • Composition: 66% Viognier, 34% Roussanne
  • Appellation: El Dorado
  • Vineyard: DGV Estate
  • Harvest Brix: 23-24.2
  • Alcohol: 13.9%
  • Residual Sugar: < 0.1%
  • T.A.: 6.26 g/L
  • pH: 3.32
  • Production: 277 cases

2012 Grenache Blanc, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

  • Composition: 100% Grenache Blanc
  • Appellation: El Dorado
  • Vineyard: DGV Estate
  • Harvest Brix: 23.5
  • Alcohol: 14.1%
  • Residual Sugar:  <.01%
  • pH:  3.12
  • TA:  6.38 g/L
  • Aged in 25% cement and 75% Stainless.
  • Production: 122 cases

2013 Rosé of Grenache, El Dorado Estate Vineyard 750ml

The second of back-to-back classic seasons in Northern California, 2013 was warm, very dry, and surprisingly fruitful given the large size of the harvest before it. A lack of late- season heat spikes or cold snaps provided excellent consistency of flavor, although yields in lower-lying areas of the Estate were down due to a late Spring frost. All 12 varieties ripened early, and a few blocks had their earliest harvest date on record. Overall, the dry and warm climate brought great concentration to the wines, though balanced by a bright freshness from the high retained acidity provided by early harvest dates — a winning combination for a landmark year.

  • Composition: 100% Grenache
  • Winemaking: Direct-press, 80% Tank, non-malolactic 20% barrel, full MLF
  • Vineyard: DGV Estate
  • Alcohol:  13.8%
  • Residual Sugar: none
  • pH: 3.63
  • Release: April 2014
  • Production: 198 cases

Winery Details

David Girard Vineyards

David Girard
El Dorado County/Placerville

David Girard remembers looking out at the picturesque landscape rising from the South Fork American River Valley twenty years ago, and seeing beyond its beauty into its great potential. Here in the heart of California’s famed historic Gold Country in the El Dorado Appellation located at 1300 feet elevation, David envisioned a vineyard producing premiere,  estate-grown grapes.

From good earth may come gold, but also great wine. David Girard Vineyards (DGV) was founded by good earth, great vision, and, like the most intrepid of the earliest gold seekers, a high tolerance for risk. Beginning in 1998, David’s first endeavor was growing Merlot grapes, and selling them to Robert Mondavi. While this partnership was successful, his love for French wines drew him down a new path. David joined Vineyard Manager Ron Mansfield in researching and journeying to southern France’s Rhône River Valley. This was the valuable inspiration and information needed to lead David to produce Rhône varietals on our 85-acre estate.

Nearly all DGV wines are crafted with estate-grown, small-lot productions. With each production approximately 5,000 cases, our winemaker is able to focus on the full and unique expression of the Gold Country fruit, highlighting the particular attributes from our climate, soil, and each chosen variety.

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