Creminelli Artisan Salami 4-Pack

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Ingredients for all Salami: Pork, Salt, Organic spices, Organic Garlic, Natural Flavors, Sugars, Starter cultures (in beef casing). The Tartufo also has black truffle; the Barolo also has Barolo red wine.

All salamis are gluten free and lactose free.

Salame Casalingo, Creminelli Signature Salt & Pepper Recipe
A Northern Italian home-style salami and Creminelli family specialty, a mild “salt and pepper” salami with hint of nutmeg. Salame Casalingo is the most delicately flavored of the salame family which is where it gets its other name, sale e pepe, or salt and pepper salami. Because Cristiano’s particular skill lies in coaxing flavor from pork through the curing process, the Casalingo, which does not rely on any heavy spices for flavor, is his specialty.

Salame Piccante, Spicy Northern Italian Recipe
A spicy salami with red peppers and paprika. It’s hot, but not so much that it covers the great cured flavor. Piccante is a spicy salami with red peppers and several varieties of paprika. It’s hot, but not so much that it overwhelms the great flavor of artisan cured salami. Salame Piccante translates to “spicy salami,” often called pepperoni. This thin, sometimes curved salami comes from the Calabria region of Italy.

Salame al Barolo,Made with Barolo Red Wine
Made with Barolo, the famous Piemonte red wine, the King of Italian red  wines. “Salame al Barolo” has a sparkle in its flavor that comes from the generous amount of Barolo red wine that’s added to the traditional Felino salami mix. There are many famous Italian red wines, but none of them are as respected as Barolo from Piedmont. The richness of the Barolo lingers in this already robustly flavored artisan salami creating a truly complex, bursting flavor that is difficult to replicate and impossible to forget. The Barolo salami won the Good Food Award in its inaugural year.
Salame al Tartufo, Made with Black Summer Truffles (0.05%)
Made with black truffles from Italy, one of the world’s most appreciated and sought-after ingredients. “Salame al Tartufo” is considered a treat for special occasions even in Italy.  The Tartufo starts as a Felino salami to which Cristiano adds black summer truffles, their delicate earthy aroma working magic with the all-natural pork and simple Felino spice blend.
Creminelli’s Tartufo has been a finalist for two national specialty food awards both for Outstanding Meat Product and Outstanding New Product.



In the box:

  • (1) Creminelli Artisan Salame Casalingo, 5.5 oz.
  • (1) Creminelli Artisan Salame Piccante, 5.5 oz.
  • (1) Creminelli Artisan Salame al Barolo, 7 oz.
  • (1) Creminelli Artisan Salame al Tartufo, 7 oz.


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Creminelli Artisan Salami 4-Pack
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