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Glass of '05

Perfect for the most impromptu reunions.

Excuse me, I don't mean to bother you, but your name doesn't happen to be Helios, does it? Helios Cabernet Sauvignon, graduated from Corison Winery back in 2005? I thought it was you! Don't you remember me? I'm Helios Syrah! How have you been, buddy?

I'm good, man, I'm doing really well. Still got my nose in the black cherries and peppercorns, you know. Yep, yep, still living in the Atlas Peak area. I wanted to stay close to home, you know. It really helped me kind of focus on creating a smooth texture for the earthy plums and blackberries I wanted on my palate. You probably noticed my tannins are softer since the last time you saw me, too, heh. Comes with age, I guess.

But how about you, Helios Cabernet Sauvignon? You look great, first of all. That dark burgundy color really suits you. So you're working with blackberry jam and cassis aromas nowadays? That's great, man, really great. And how are your flavors doing? Gosh, you know, I can't think of their names. Was it black currant, dark chocolate, and a hint of sweet tobacco? Well, you certainly sound like you've done well for yourself.

Say, do you remember the 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from our class? Yeah, total loser, right? Turns out that guy became a big time award winner. I know, right? I guess he worked hard cultivating his cherry pie, all spice, nutmeg, and cardamom aromas and flavors, and really made a name for himself. I mean, according to his Facebook page, anyway. Not that I check all that often. I was just, you know, trying to see how everyone was doing.

You know what I'm thinking? We should totally get together sometime, buddy. You, me, maybe even 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. We can go out as a three-pack, hit the town, talk about old times, and... Oh, sure. No, I understand. Everyone's so busy these days. But hey, it was good seeing you. Hey, uh, you don't happen to be on Facebook, do you?

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2005 Corison Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Inviting aromas jump out of the glass. Cherry pie, complete with allspice, nutmeg and cardamom, dominates the aromas and flavors with hints of plum, cassis, lavender and dark chocolate chiming in. The overall impression is warm and engaging.

  • 95 points, Wine Enthusiast
  • 91 points, Stephen Tanzer, September 2012
  • San Francisco Chronicle Top 100 Wines 2008

2005 Helios Syrah 750ml

Ruby-red color with black cherries and pink peppercorns on the nose, earthy plums and blackberries on the palate with a smooth texture and soft tannins. This wine is 100% Napa Valley Syrah from the Atlas Peak area.

2005 Helios Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

Beautiful dark burgundy color with aromas of blackberry jam and cassis, flavors of black currant and dark chocolate with hint of sweet tobacco, full bodied in mouth-feel with a long, lingering finish. This 100% Cabernet Sauvignon was carefully farmed a stone’s throw from the winery.


From Cathy Corison:
Helios is a label I use when I have wines that don’t make the Corison blend but I am still proud of them. Sometimes a very nice wine simply doesn’t work in the blend or I have more than I want to bottle. I make small quantities of this wine and I sell it only at the winery. It is always an amazing value. They enjoy the same French oak regime and, like all my wines, the alcohol is moderate and they are structured to grace the table.


Vintner Voicemail
Cathy Corison calls in from the middle of harvest to share this horizontal offer from one of her favorite vintages of the decade.


2005 Corison Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

  • Alcohol: 13.6%

The 2005 Corison Cabernet is classic and refined with great bones. September that year was unseasonably chilly and harvest was a full month later than normal. Time on the vine allowed the development of the full range of flavors that Cabernet can achieve (red and blue fruits grading into the darker, purple and black notes) at moderate alcohol. Cold nights promoted great natural acidity.

2005 Helios Syrah 750ml

  • Alcohol: 13.8%

Helios is the sun god in Greek mythology and the sun plays a vital role in creating great wine.  Grapevines in Napa Valley are blessed with glorious sunny weather from spring flowering through fall harvesting.  These splendid warm days combine with cool moonlit nights to make wines that exhibit an extraordinary complexity.

2005 Helios Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml

  • Alcohol: 13.8%

Also named after Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology, because the sun plays a vital role in creating this wine.  Grapevines in Napa Valley are blessed with glorious sunny weather from spring flowering through fall harvesting.  These splendid warm days combine with cool moonlit nights to make wines that exhibit an extraordinary complexity.


Winery Details

Corison Winery

Cathy Corison
Between Rutherford and St. Helena in the Napa Valley

Winegrower Cathy Corison produces artisan Cabernet Sauvignon without compromise from great benchland vineyards between Rutherford and St. Helena in the Napa Valley. The estate vines of Kronos Vineyard surround Corison Winery in its Victorian-style barn. As one of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon Vineyards in the Napa Valley, Kronos Vineyard is a rare treasure. Farmed organically and growing on gravelly loam soils, the gnarly old veterans produce scant yields resulting in wines of uncommon concentration and refinement. They are juicy with blackberry and plum fruit, enhanced with a mineral note and violet perfume. Cathy’s wines are noted for their consistency and impeccable balance; powerful and elegant at the same time, they grace the table and enjoy a long distinguished life.


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Corison 2005 Red Set (3)
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