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Little Guys of the Rascally Sort

Regular old pickles just won't do for a kid with a sophisticated palate and an allowance to spend.

"Do you like pickles?"

I think they stink.

"I love pickles."

My momma makes me eat them. And those tiny corn cobs.

"I'm crazy about 'em. Especially those damn spicy ones, and the maple bourbon ones. They're made from organic produce and simple ingredients."

I'll sell you my pickle for a nickel.

"Oooh, I think you might be undercutting yourself there. These are some damn fine pickles. The jars are hand-packed to capture the vibrant character of vegetables freshly plucked from the garden. I'll give you two bucks."


"I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles, I've got two pickles hey hey hey hey! A do da di da do da day! I've got two pickles today!"

Man, you weren't kidding. You really like pickles. You made up a song about it and everything.

"Don't even get me going on the beer-brined Hop Pickles. They're steeped in an IPA, caramelized onions and hops. But don't tell my mom. She doesn't know I've been stealing nips of those from the fridge."

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The Brooklyn Brine Co. prides itself on making "damn fine pickles" from organic produce and simple ingredients, and since Esquire Magazine proclaimed them "the best pickle" in their May 2010 issue, their pride is well placed. 

These hand-packed jars capture the vibrant character of organic vegetables freshly plucked from the garden. They are the seasonal specialties of Brooklyn Brine, a new breed of pickler dedicated to preserving the art of home pickling while exploring new flavor combinations.

Damn Spicy

Damn Spicy Pickles start with organic cucumbers brined in apple cider vinegar and water spiced with organic chili peppers, garlic and natural spices. Once they're well and truly pickled, they're hand-stuffed into jars in small batch runs.

Spicy Maple Bourbon

Finger Lakes Distilling's McKenzie Rye goes into every jar of these delightful pickles. But these aren’t a boozy affair. Far from it. The whiskey is judiciously employed as just another seasoning to deeply flavor these verdant disks that were once humble cucumbers. 

The predominant flavor of these is sweet and sour, but there is enough smoldering heat to let you know it's there. The maple and whiskey take more of a background role, providing nuance and notes that surely would be lacking in their absence. The whole spices that are in every jar include coriander and mustard seeds. And the onions that are packed in there are delicious to munch on too.
These crinkle cut pickles would be great for dressing up a hamburger and would bring a new dimension to deviled eggs. Or you can simply eat them as a summertime snack to help cleanse or perk up your palate.
Brine and beer, together at last! These Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles are the result of a brilliant brainstorm between Brooklyn Brine and Dogfish Head.  These gourmet pickles will be a hit at any party or a tasty anytime snack.
Steeped in 60 Minute IPA, caramelized onions, the essential oils of Cascade hops, and a proprietary blend of other spices and seasonings, they're unlike any other pickle you've ever had. With a touch of spice, a dash of hops, and a whole heaping helping of outrageous flavor, Brooklyn Brine has created a pickle sensation that you've got to taste to believe.



Nutritional Facts
Serving Size 1 medium (3-3/4" long) (65.0 g)
Calories  8
Calories from Fat 1
Total Fat 0.1g ~ 0% Daily Value
Saturated Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg 
Sodium  569mg ~ 24% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrates 1.7g ~ 1% Daily Value
Dietary Fiber 0.7g ~ 3% Daily Value
Sugars  0.9g
Protein  0.4g
Vitamin A  2% Daily Value
Vitamin C 1% Daily Value
Calcium  3% Daily Value
Iron  1% Daily Value

Damn Spicy Ingredients:  Cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, water, sea salt, chili peppers, garlic, natural spices (dill flowers, mustard seeds, coriander, caraway, black peppercorns, chili flakes).

Spicy Maple Bourbon Ingredients:  Cucumbers, apple cider vinegar, organic maple syrup, habanero peppers, cane sugar, bourbon, onion, spices.

Hop Pickle Ingredients: Cucumbers, 60 minute IPA, apple cider vinegar, water, habanero, caramelized onions (apple cider vinegar, water, onions, organic syrup, evaporated cane sugar, Finger Lakes Distilled Bourbon, sea salt), garlic, dill, spices, smoke paprika.


In the box:

  • (1) Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy Pickles, 24oz.
  • (1) Brooklyn Brine Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickles, 16oz.
  • (1) Brooklyn Brine Hop Pickles, 16oz.


Winery Details

Brooklyn Brine Co.

Shamus Jones
Brooklyn, NY
My company is an artisan pickle company that hand packs every jar in our factory in Brooklyn. We have taken a staple pantry item and gave it a long overdue facelift by using unique combinations of ingredients while staying palatable.
I am a Brooklyn-born kid who loves music and skateboarding, and has lived by one motto during my 30 years on earth: Doing it yourself is always better. I was raised in a working-class family with a blue-collar work ethic, so I think that was instilled in me throughout my life. It was that mentality that prepared me when I started my own business in July 2009.
Brooklyn Brine is a pickle company in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, and was inspired by all the seasonal produce I was used to cooking with. I haven’t eaten meat for half of my life, so all the restaurants I’ve worked in were vegetarian. I noticed that in every restaurant I was working at, every menu, every dish, we had a preserved component because certain items are only available for three weeks out of the year. And from his experience, we have created quite an eclectic array of pickled products. The company sells everything from lavender asparagus to Moroccan green beans to the more traditional deli pickles.



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