Bodegas el Angosto Spain Mixed Case

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Bag Check

Six for you, and six more for you, too.

Well, John, Sharon, I’ve had a great time, but hey, it’s getting late, so I better be on my way.

“Well, thanks for coming, Rick.”

“Yeah, always good to see you, old buddy.”

Likewise! Now, where did I leave my bag? Ah, right here! Well, we’ll have to get together again sometime soon! Bye, guys!

“Oh, not so fast, Rick.”

Did I forget something?

“No, we’ve just gotta check your bag real quick.”

Ha! That’s funny, guys! Have a good night, okay?

“Rick. We’re serious.”

Wait, what?! This isn’t a joke?

“No, Rick.”

“Not a joke at all.”

But you guys, it’s me: your best friend, Rick!

“Don’t be offended, Rick. We do this to everyone.”

“Yes, we just need to make sure no one takes off with our Bodegas el Angosto wines.”

“I mean, it would just be terrible to lose a bottle of the 2010 Barranc del Rei Monastrell with those aromas of ripe cherry and spice, that soft and fruity mouth feel, and those flavors of black plum and raspberry.”

“Now honey, don’t forget the 2010 La Tribu Grenache Blend with its deep ruby color, complex red and black fruits on the nose, that layer of spice, not to mention the medium body, notes of ripe fruit, and great balance of acidity and tannins.”

“So go ahead, hand over your bag.”

No! I refuse! This is not how you treat friends, you understand? You don’t go around accusing people of…”


“What was that noise that just came from your bag, Rick?”

Um, nothing…

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2010 Barranc del Rei Monastrell 6-Pack
  • Grape Varieties: 100% Monastrell 
  • Soil: Calcerous clay
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Hand-picked and manually sorted
  • Fermented in stainless steel
  •  Alcohol: 13.5%
Bright ruby. Aromas of ripe cherry and spice. Soft and fruity in the mouth, with flavors of black plum and raspberry, and a fresh, clean finish.  
2010 La Tribu Grenache Blend 6-Pack
  • Grape Varieties: 34% Monastrell, 33% Garnacha, 33% Syrah
  • Soil: Calcerous clay
  • Climate: Mediterranean
  • Hand-picked and manually sorted
  • Fermented in stainless steel
  • Aging: 4 months in oak
  • Alcohol: 13.5%
Deep ruby color. Complex red and black fruits on the nose, with a layer of spice. Medium body, with ripe fruit and great balance of acidity and tannins. Round, well-structured, and full of character.


Vintner Voicemail
Greg shares his thoughts on these Spanish wines and why you’ll love them as much as he does.


2010 Barranc del Rei Monastrell 750ml
2010 La Tribu Grenache Blend 750ml

Winery Details

Bodegas el Angosto

Vicente and Rafael Cambra
Valencia, Spain
Valencia is a small DO along the Mediterranean coast, with a hot climate and a lot of sunshine year-round. The better vineyards are located in high elevations, which gives more temperature variation and keeps the fruit from becoming overripe. Monastrell is the native superstar grape of the region, and many wines here also blend other local varieties such as Garnacha, Bobal, and Syrah.
Bodegas el Angosto is owned by the Cambra family, and located in Finca Santa Rosa, in their restored bodega dating from the 1800’s. The family has two estates: Santa Rosa and El Angosto, totaling 30 hectares. Father and son Vicente and Rafael Cambra have continued their family’s tradition of creating high-quality, concentrated, elegant Mediterranean wines that reflect the very best of the region’s terroir.

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Bodegas el Angosto Spain Mixed Case
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