Blue Nomad Bright Light 2010 White Wine 6-Pack

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A Little Light In A Dark World

Fire up the old lava lamps, y'all. We've finally found a wine you can enjoy while getting lost in a Grateful Dead poster.

I tell you, these art gallery showings are becoming more and more niche by the week, Reginald, and I am LOVING it.

It hurts my heart to think of all the time we wasted going to those stuffy, pompous art openings we used to attend, dear. I'll admit, I had my doubts when you suggested coming to this showing of vintage black light posters. But as I bask in the glow of UV light and gaze into these psychedelic images of rock n' roll bands, wizards, and enormous mushrooms, I feel more alive than I ever felt while discussing Pollack or Kandinsky with some stick-in-the-mud!

I mean, just look at the face of that young man playing guitar in that piece over there. Under regular lighting conditions, you might just write it off as simple pop culture merchandising. But in a room flooded with black light, the emotion just pours off the paper, doesn't it? Breathtaking work. I wonder if Hendrix is the name of the player or the artist. Remind me to find out before we leave, Reginald.

Oh, that reminds me, I need to find out where the event organizer found this enchanting 2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine they're serving. Have you seen it? The one with the label that glows like these posters? I'd get a glass of its crisp, refreshing flavors of sweet mandarins, jasmine flower, key lime and chilled honeydew myself, but I find myself enchanted by the imagery of this angel flying up a rainbow stairway toward a zeppelin made of lead. Er, "Led," I guess I should say. Hmm. I wonder if the misspelling was intentional.

Reginald, dear, would you flag down one of the servers? I'm absolutely craving some more of the marvelous hors d'oeuvres they've chosen to serve. The brownies alone are an inspired choice, but these... Oh, what are these crunchy cheese-type things called? Well, whatever they are, I must have some at my next dinner party. I simply can't stop eating them!

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2010 Bright Light, Dry California White Wine 750ml 6-Pack

Bright Light is a fresh, aromatic blend of chardonnay, Albariño and Gewürztraminer sourced from the cool, coastal valleys  of Sonoma and Monterey Counties. Explosive aromas and flavors of sweet mandarins, jasmine flower, key lime and chilled honeydew. Crisp and refreshing, never sharp or sweet.

The Bright Light packaging is as vibrant and compelling as the wine. Designed by Brooklyn artist Andrea von Bujdoss (aka Queen Andrea), the label reflects her work as a graphic and graffiti artist--playful and intricate, exuberant and stylish--and evokes the spirit of the wine within.  You could even say it glows.  Because it does, literally. In the dark and under black lights.



  • Alcohol: 14.1%
  • pH:  3.39
  • TA: 0.62
  • Albariño from Monterey County, Chardonnay & Gewürztraminer from Sonoma County
  • Stainless steel fermented

Winery Details

Blue Nomad Wine Company

Jeff Bundschu
Sonoma, CA
Jeff Bundschu established Blue Nomad Wine Company to create affordable, flavor-driven wines with artistically-relevant packaging, reflecting his passion for urban art and his lifelong mission to make wine more approachable.  As president of his family’s Gundlach Bundschu Winery, Jeff’s focus is on estate wines that reflect the soil that six generations of his family have farmed.  His work with Blue Nomad gives him the opportunity to look to the wider world for inspiration, and create wines that reflect the excitement he finds there.  The company name reflects this spirit of adventure, honoring the proud and fierce Tuareg tribe in the Sahara desert who once showed hospitality to Jeff and his wife Liz.
Jeff and winemaker Keith Emerson use their extensive network and knowledge to access the best fruit for Blue Nomad.  As winemaker for several luxury producers, Keith jumped at the opportunity to make “everyday wines for wine lovers.”



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