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The Lost, and Booziest, Homerian Epic

One Man. One Mountain. One Plastered God. Four Bottles of Wine.

The Hero of Dionysus looked up at the mighty crag before him. He knew why he was here. He was the champion of the god of wine, and he’d been given a mission. He must brave Atlas Peak, named for his god’s terrible uncle, and almost as mighty. Littered with maenads and satyrs, it was the truest test of the Dionysian faithful, and an easy way to die.

But he WAS faithful, and his village needed a wine for the Festival of Many Grapes and Some Nudity, the greatest of Dionysus’ many parties. And it was well known that the god kept his four greatest bottles atop the Atlas Peak.

So off the Hero went, up the mountain. He outwitted the wily satyrs with his drunken wit, and he bedded and sated the maddened maenads with his inebriated charm. He used his greatest Dionysian tricks to outwit the other hurdles and beasts, whether it was drinking the ogres into a stupor or out-stumbling the so called Drunken Master, adventuring in search of wine for his own village, in honorable drunken combat.

But it was when he reached the top that the Hero of Dionysus faced his greatest challenge; there, on a picturesque plateau, bathed in heavenly sun, sat four bottles of wine. One was the Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon, known for its rich purple hues and brambled taste of wild blackberries. The second was the Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon, possessed of mighty tannins and the lure of both cherry and blueberry. Third was the Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon, known across Greece for its deep color, cherry aromas, and its incomparable balance. Finally, he spied the Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon, a legend in its own right for its rich vanilla flavor.

Any of them would be a worthy centerpiece for the Festival of Many Grapes and Some Nudity, but it was strictly forbidden to claim more than one of Dionysus’ wines from the top of the peak. So the Hero sat for hours, deliberating. Finally, as his mind cleared and his hangover began, he realized there was only one thing to do. He grabbed the Howell Mountain and quickly made his way down the mountain.

When he got home, he immediately hopped on Woot and ordered the other three.

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Your choice of ONE of the following:


2007 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 3L


Atlas Peak shows power and structure, exploding on the palate to exhibit lush, rich, bold tannins with concentrated fruit flavors of ripe cherry and blueberry.


2007 Atlas Peak Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 3L


The growing conditions on Howell Mountain yield Cabernet Sauvignon with great balance, deep color, ripe cherry aromas, rich blueberry flavors and firm, velvety tannins that linger on the palate.


2007 Atlas Peak Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon 3L


This wine is wrapped in intense, red stone fruit flavors and characterized by its deep color, lower acidity and rich vanilla flavors in the finish.


2007 Atlas Peak Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 3L


Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon is driven by a firm acidity due to the cooler climate, exhibiting good structure, rich purple color, and briary, brambly flavors of wild blackberries with a hint of spice, pepper, and herbs such as lavender, anise and sage. 

Vintner Voicemail
Winemaker Ondine Chattan shares these 2007 Atlas Peak wines with the Wooters – you can cellar them or enjoy their power and intensity right now. Happy Holidays!


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Total MSRP:         $383.00


Your choice of ONE of the following:


2007 Atlas Peak Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

  • Alcohol 14.8%
  • 1,400-2,400 Ft
  • Quick temperature drops from daytime highs
  • Full and long sunlight hours
  • Volcanic Parent material, residual upland soils and alluvial gravelly loam
  • Well drained soils

Located in a sweeping uplifted valley, high in the eastern hills of the Vaca Range, the Atlas Peak appellation is the anchor of the Atlas Peak Mountain Cabernet Series. We are blessed with lots of sunshine and cooler days. Temperatures drop very quickly from their daytime highs, and night-time temperatures are only slightly higher than those in Yountville, due west of the appellation. Virtually all of the Atlas Peak’s vineyards receive full sunlight throughout the day, with cooling afternoon winds from the San Francisco Bay.  Atlas Peak’s soils are well-drained and derive from volcanic material.  They are dominated by residual upland soils, though valley fill alluvium (mostly gravelly loams) occupies the upper drainage of Milliken Creek and Rector Canyon.


2007 Atlas Peak Howell Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

  • Alcohol 14.9%
  • 1,400-2,400 Ft
  • Cooler temps than valley floor
  • Above fog line
  • All day - full sun
  • 42 inches avg. rain
  • Volcanically derived upland soils
Howell Mountain is located due east of Calistoga in the Vaca Range that defines the eastern side of the Napa Valley. As with other mountain appellations, Howell Mountain’s daytime highs are significantly cooler than the valley floor, often 10 to 15 degrees lower than those in Calistoga. Howell Mountain vineyards enjoy full sun throughout the day, and its up-valley location results in a warmer climate. Afternoon winds and ocean-influenced humidity allow coastal redwoods to grow on the eastern slopes– the most easterly site for these majestic trees in California. Howell Mountain soils are entirely volcanic.

2007 Atlas Peak Spring Mountain District Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

  • Alcohol 14.9%
  • 400-2,200 Ft
  • Pacific Ocean Influence
  • East Facing
  • Direct AM sun
  • Indirect PM sun
  • Warmer than Mt. Veeder
  • Residual upland soils

The Spring Mountain District is located on the eastern slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains, directly west of the town of St. Helena in Napa County. High temperatures during the growing season can be 11 degrees lower than in St. Helena, only four miles away on the valley floor. Spring Mountain’s afternoon cooling winds often come from the Pacific Ocean to the west, via the Santa Rosa Plain. Soils on Spring Mountain are residual upland soils, and, at 30 million years old, are among the oldest in the state. Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon displays moderate yet substantial fruit definition, softer tannins, suppler mouth-feel and higher pHs than the same wine from other Napa Valley mountain appellations.


2007 Atlas Peak Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon 3L

  • Alcohol 14.8%
  • 400-2,600 Ft
  • San Francisco Bay influenced
  • Longer hours of sunshine
  • Steep rugged incised terrain
  • 45 inches ave. rain
Sandstone, shale, volcanic ash and clay soils, relatively high in acid.
Mount Veeder encompasses 25 square miles on the eastern slopes of the Mayacamas Mountains, which separate Napa Valley from Sonoma Valley. Cool afternoon winds blow in from Carneros, located just south of the mountain, drawn north from chilly San Francisco Bay by inland heating during the growing season.
The steep, rugged, deeply incised terrain on this mountain provides a range of exposures, with most vineyards receiving oblique sunlight in the afternoon. Soils are well-drained, and are a mixture of sandstone, volcanic ash and clay, with sedimentary soils dominating the landscape.The soils are thin, and relatively high in acidity.




Winery Details

Atlas Peak

Accolade Wines
Napa, CA
Atlas Peak was established in 1987. Over time it became clear that Atlas Peak’s most valuable hidden resource was literally underfoot: the elevation of its vineyards. The grapes growing at high elevation, and above the natural fog line, experience much lower daytime temperatures than those on the valley floor, allowing the grapes to stay cool while gaining maximum sun exposure. As a result, growers up on the mountain can afford to harvest later and pick for flavor with less worry about over ripening and excessive alcohol. No grape develops as well in mountain conditions as Cabernet Sauvignon.
Atlas Peak, Howell Mountain, Spring Mountain District, and Mount Veeder are the cornerstone mountain vineyards behind Atlas Peak’s Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon series. These mountain appellations frame the Napa Valley and provide ideal growing conditions for bold, well-structured wines.  Thin soils, lots of sunlight and cooler daytime temperatures force grapes to go into survival mode, building the character needed to make wines that express the rugged elegance which come from great fruit and hard work in hard-to-reach places.


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