Winter's Hill 2009 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 6-Pack

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Once Upon A Time

As winter fades, a bottle of this Winter's Hill Pinot Noir makes for a great companion for looking back on what you've accomplished... or what you haven't.

Long ago, in a distant garden, there was a mole. A cuddly little mole. And on a crisp winter's night, that mole looked up at the sky, and made himself a pledge. "I pledge," he said in his tiny adorable voice, "to build the greatest mountain the world has ever seen." And even though no one heard his itty bitty voice, the mole knew: he was going to succeed.

On the first day, the mole decided to prepare. He ordered a 6-pack of Winter's Hill Pinot Noir. Appropriate, he felt, since at the end of winter he would have a hill the size of Mount Everest! What a celebration that would be! The mole went to bed that night thrilled with what he would accomplish, and dreamed of the spicy red berry flavors with a hint of white pepper.

On the second day, the mole began to dig! His tiny paws threw the dirt high into the air and it landed in a little mound! But around lunchtime, he was ever so tired. "Whew!" he thought. "But a strong beginning indeed!" And then he watched TV and relaxed so he wouldn't overdo it and pull a muscle.

On the third day, the mole intended to dig, but he had to go find some food to eat. He also decided to open one of the six bottles of 2009 Pinot Noir, just to make sure it would be good enough for the big day. And it was! What a party he was going to have then! And tomorrow, of course, he would dig a tremendous amount.

Two weeks in, the mole sat down and revised his schedule with a glass of his vivid red Oregon Pinot Noir. Maybe if he worked on weekends and holidays, he could balance the needs of his day-to-day life with the goal of his dreams. Surely it was doable if he scaled down the mountain by half. Just finishing a fourth of a mountain would be impressive, honestly. The tiny mole wondered if he could get an investor and subcontract the labor.

After three months, the mole had finished most of the Pinot. He had a decent little molehill out back, maybe not a mountain, but certainly bigger than the hill of any other mole on his street. Except his diagonal neighbor, but that mole had inherited a half-finished hill from his rich dad. Anybody could have achieved with THAT kind of background! The little mole sat back in his easy chair and opened the final bottle of the six pack of 2009 Winter's Hill Pinot Noir and raised a toast. To vision! To the mountain!

And, as he fell asleep, the mole decided that he'd redouble his efforts. Right after beach season ended. Maybe late September. Or around Halloween.

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2009 Winter's Hill Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley 750ml 6-Pack

This Pinot Noir is a vivid red Oregon Pinot Noir. Aromas of exotic spice, incense, potpourri, and raspberry. Spicy red berry flavors with a hint of white pepper. Silky sweet with a precise finish. 

Vintner Voicemail
Owner Russell Gladhart shares some history of the winery and tells why this vintage is so special to him.


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Total MSRP:   $145.00


  • Appellation: Willamette Valley, Oregon

The Pinot noir grapes used in this wine are hand-picked early in the morning while the fruit is still cool.  After destemming, the fruit is fermented in small, 1.5 ton open fermenters.  By using small, open tanks, Delphine is able to monitor each batch closely, and make small adjustments as needed to realize the potential of each wine.  After fermentation is complete, the must is pressed and the wine transferred to barrel for 18 months of aging.

Winery Details

Winter's Hill Vineyard

The Gladhart Family
Dundee Hills, OR
Winter's Hill Vineyard is an Estate winery located in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. The Gladhart family owns and operates Winter's Hill, from managing the vineyard and the rest of our farm, to making our wines, to greeting you in the tasting room when you come to visit.
Thirty-five acres of vineyards are nestled into a 150 acre farm including fir and oak forests. Farming this land is a privilege, and we have followed sustainable farming practices since Peter and Emily Gladhart planted our first vines in 1990. We are certified by LIVE and SalmonSafe in recognition of our efforts.
The first wines bearing our name were 298 cases of 1998 Pinot Noir. Our production has grown slowly and steadily as wine lovers in the Northwest and around the country have discovered our Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and dessert wines such as our Golden Nectar. In 2004 Delphine and Russell joined the family partnership, with Delphine taking on the duties of Winemaker.
Today the third generation is developing the farm established in 1961. Together with our employees, we manage our vineyards, fields, and forests for the long term benefit of our family and our community. We are proud to share our wine and our land with our customers and visitors, and we look forward to your next visit.


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Winter's Hill Pinot Noir (6)
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