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Stocking Stuffers for NormalFoot

Are you looking for wine that'll fit in a stocking? Turn to NormalFoot, the less-than-mysterious man-squatch who lives in a $300k home and enjoys drinking wine in front of his mysterious HDTV. Who can say what is origin may be? All that is known is that he loves wine … and his feet are just like yours and mine! Ooooo, spooookyyyy.

Ends on November 30 at 9AM CT

About The Mysteries Of The Pacific Northwest

Besides NormalFoot, there's also the IFOs (the Identifiable Flying Objects) and the mysterious MIBs (Men In Business suits) and the rarely seen Jackelope, which only comes out when a guy named Jack doesn't want the hassle of a big marriage. Behold, the spooky Northwest!