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Screwy Wines

We're not scared of a little controversy. And oh, do we know we're facing one today. But don't fall for propaganda from The Cork Popper's League and start thinking that screwcaps are low class. Does drinking the wrong wine turn Downton Abbey into Two And A Half Men? Of course not! Don't judge a wine by the bottle is what we're saying.

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About The Post-Cork Society

Okay, yes, in some magical Hollywood world, all wines are best with the pop of a cork. But take stock: can you parkour away from an enemy agent? Is there a beautiful thief in your sports car outside? Can you hack into the Pentagon by guessing some Major's password is "password" and- okay, bad example. But for real, screwcaps aren't so bad. It's not the way you open a bottle, it's the taste of the wine within.