Brandini Toffee

If what you know about toffee can be summed up in the words "Heath" and "Skor", brace your tastebuds for a sugary, buttery assault of pure joy. These Brandini kids are the real toffee deal, God love 'em.
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About Brandini Toffee

When Brandon Weimer and Leah Post needed money for a class trip, they didn’t steal their great-aunt’s TV, the way my druggie grand-niece would. They mixed up a batch of sweet creamy butter, pure cane sugar, chocolate, and almonds into a toffee that’s to die for. Brandini’s Toffee, they call it. Next thing you know, they’re winning all kinds of awards and stuff: the Winter Fancy Food Show, the Silver Sofi, the Gold Sofi. And the toffee’s in all these gourmet shops and everything. And they’re still kids! My granddaughter was already dancing in that striptease show at their age.
Brandini Toffee official site