ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Board Game

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Looks like old Pete's been hittin' the board game a little hard. He's got the zinzigs again.

I don't love trivia. Mostly because I'm really bad at it and the people who are good at it are really obnoxious. The exception being a trivia game that encourages one to drink wine. So how fortuitous that we're selling just that!

And the best part? Who cares if you don't get any of the answers right because WINE! See Pete over there? His score is actually in the negative numbers. But he doesn't even care because WINE! To tell you the truth, I don't even think he's even trying anymore. Good ol' Pete. Dumb as a box of wine. But a darn nice guy.

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ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Board Game

ZinZig is the Wine Tasting and Trivia Game that will challenge your mind and palate. Plan carefully, and plot strategically as the first player to taste their way to the winery wins! This game includes: 6 winemaker pieces, 3 bottle covers for the blind wine tasting, a wine tasting guide, 9 winery deeds, 250 trivia cards, 50 blind wine tasting cards, and one die.

  • With over 200 trivia questions and 50 blind wine tasting cards, you'll learn something new every time you play
  • Answer a question correctly to win your card, but be careful! Other players can swap, trade, and steal your cards
  • So move quickly! The first player to collect their corks, grapes, barrels, and bottles and get to the winery wins
  • BYOW - Bring Your Own Wine (wine not included, sorry)


  • For 2-6 Players or Teams
  • For All Wine Experience Levels
  • Wine Not Included

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  • (1) ZinZig Wine Tasting and Trivia Board Game

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True Fabrications

Seattle, WA

Founded in June of 2003 by a trio of college buddies, True Fabrications, headquarters in Seattle, WA, grew from one humble wine bag to a line of hundreds of products retailed in thousands of locations.

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ZinZig Wine Tasting & Trivia Board Game
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