Doppio Passo 2010 Italian Primitivo 4-Pack

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All He Ever Does Is Wine

Like with most things, wine is best enjoyed in moderation.

Dear John,

I imagine it may take a while for you to find this note. It could be days, weeks, maybe even months before you see it sitting among the empty cases and the label scrapbooks that you hold so dear. I briefly thought of writing this on the side of one of the unopened bottles that line the walls of our home to ensure that you would read it, but decided against it.

When you do finally stumble upon this note, perhaps you will already have noticed that I have gone. It's possible, of course. You may look up from your wine magazines or your detailed weather reports of the area surrounding your favorite wineries and wonder why it's so quiet, why no one is badgering you to get out of the house or step outside your obsession and experience something new for a change. I doubt it, though.

For the record, however, before you start blaming me for not understanding your dedication to the vine, I want it known that I tried as hard as I could to make this work. I was happy to help you move your Cabernets and Syrahs into the cellar. And when you wanted to experiment with Pinot Grigios and Sauvignon Blancs, when you wanted to dally in Zinfandels and Ports, I welcomed them in with an open heart, even as they began to take up more and more of your time. It was only when you wanted to put the Merlots in the spare bedroom next to ours that I began to worry, but I was sure our love could get me through.

But when you wanted to bring your 2010 Doppio Passo Italian Primitivo 4-pack into the bedroom - OUR bedroom - that I decided we had traveled a bridge too far.

Maybe I'm not as young and fresh as the varietal aromas of your Primitivo. Maybe my hair no longer has the deep ruby red color you find so intoxicating in those four bottles. And while you may believe that the blackberry, cherries, and ripe red fruit flavors show excellent character, I might point out that any wine that would come between a man and his wife has no character at all. I might, that is, if I cared anymore.

Goodbye, John. In the end, this is probably for the best. Maybe as you age and mature in that cellar of yours, you'll one day see the mistake you've made.

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2010 Doppio Passo Italian Primitivo Salento IGT 750ml 4-Pack

Deep ruby red color tending towards amber with aging. In youth it has fresh, varietal aromas that become more complex with time. Varietal characters are mainly blackberry and cherries with ripe red fruits in general. Good structure is achieved because of the balance between soft tannins and acidity. The wine shows excellent character. It matches well with mature hard cheeses, roasted pork, beef steaks and all game dishes.  When correctly cellared, this wine will continue to age for 7-8 years after bottling.



Vintner Voicemail
Greg Martellotto describes the doppio passo or double passed technique that makes this primitivo a balanced, fruity and accessible "daily drinker."


  • Production Area: Salento area, Provinces of Lecce, Taranto and Brindisi
  • Grape variety: 100% Primitivo
  • Grapes per hectare: 6-7 tons
  • Wine produced per hectare: 40-50 hectolitres
  • Harvest: Second half of August
  • Alcohol: 13%
  • Total Acidity:  5.2 g/l
  • Extract:  51 g/l

Grapes are pressed and fermented according to the traditional red wine method. The fermentation takes a minimum of 15 days under controlled temperature not exceeding 280 C. Part of the Primitivo grapes are left to wither on the vines for 3-4 weeks longer; afterwards they are vinified according to the traditional red wine method. As soon as the dried Primitivo grapes fermentation is complete, the Primitivo of the first harvest is re-passed on the dried Primitivo grapes pomace; this starts a second fermentation which increases the alcoholic content, the extract and gives the wine a deeper color and more complex aromas.

Winery Details

Casa Vinicola Botter s.p.a.

The Botter Family
Venice, Italy
Casa Vinicola Botter s.p.a. began in 1928, founded by Carlo Botter. Today it is managed by the family’s third generation, and it is a market leader for the sale and export of Veneto and Italian wines. The company was born as a negotiant in Veneto selling wines in casks and demijohns to restaurants and small retailers. In the Fifties the second generation starts selling wines in bottles. The brothers Arnaldo and Enzo not only increased the company presence on the Italian market but aim at foreign markets and begin a long and constant expansion in Central Europe (Belgium, Germany and Switzerland). In the Seventies the company becomes a corporation (S.p.A.), the whole capital controlled by the family. At the end of the 90s the third generation joins the company: Luca, Annalisa and Alessandro. The marketing strategies change; the restyling of the products and of the company philosophy reflect the new dynamic company trend.
Currently the company works with producers in Apulia, Molise, Abruzzo, and in Sicily, surveying the entire production process. Botter exports the 98% of his production in more than 40 countries.



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